Poems by Pranju Gogoi

Poems by Pranju Gogoi
Pain blossoms in peace earthly,
Life like flowers lily dance and sing so softly and sweetly,
Moments of love in life
As if a rainbow in the sky,
Decorating the house of life to feel again and again, life is always meaningful and enchanting.
Feelings mingle in the whimsical beauty of green garden,
Waking up hearts from boredom and deep remorse due to running after some worthlessness,
Forever simple life is,
Yet weight of life sometimes so heavy,
Can’t be expressed,
Yet can be felt so well.
Life is as such really,
Power of life shows the path to bear all pains and gains with a smiling face,
Life is as such a blooming rose,
Sweet scents overwhelm again and again,
To glorify peace in harmony
Purity of love like a evergreen boon flows through the river of life,
Ripples of water becomes the source of ecstasy all the time.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved
As I walk and walk,
I find everything worthless,
Life is a meaningful story sometimes,
A lifelong novel sometimes.
Dreams of feelings in great glee,
While have the golden chance to glorify love and peace in the long walk of life,
Smiles twinkle all around as the stars in the sky.
Really real time comes now,
Fair or foul no matter,
Yet foul will be in gutter,
The ultimate result of love in kindness forever.
A poem by Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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