OLIVERIO GIRANDO ( Oliverio “Revolving”) – Yuri Zambrano / Translation: Luz María López

Yuri Zambrano

Yuri Zambrano is a poet and writer from Mexico. Is the coordinator of World Festival of Poetry (WFP), consecrating Poetic Sanctuaries All Over the World. He has published over 40 books in different languages (especially English and Spanish) among literary texts and scientific books about brain behaviour and consciousness. Utopic, as he is, always continues believing that poetry is the tool to reach fraternity between humankind.


(Oliverio “Revolving”)
Are you asking me how I got mad?
Revolving, I got mad.
I began to wonder if
women could fly.
Moreover, if men could follow them…
On their flight!
I wore a discarnate-superhero wings
threw myself like Superman from the
the roof of my house
and here you got me…
flying on, around you!
in which way do I tell you
that we must fly,
and if you teach me (to fly)
I will follow trying to reach you
as if you did not know
that I was born under your wings.
What happens
is that you have not realized
the worth of flying
under your shadow.
Take me under your wings
and I’ll give you a sheet of my notebook as a gift.
I have none left
of so many carpets that I have woven for you.
And did you know
that all my notebook sheets,
are envied by Aladdin?
That is why
when I am with you
I know I can fly,
as if we do sleep
on a magic carpet.
That’s why I threw myself from the roof
with this dreamy notebook sheet
that if you well read,
it says:
You Don’t Know How Much I Love You!
Yuri Zambrano
(Poetry for Kids, 2006)
Translation, Luz María López
¿Me preguntas cómo me volví loco?
Girando, me volví loco.
Me puse a pensar si las
mujeres podían volar.
Es más, si los hombres las podían seguir…
¡En su vuelo!
Me puse las alas de Ícaro,
me tiré como Superman desde el
el techo de mi casa
y aquí me tienes…
¡girando en torno a ti!
de qué manera decirte
que volemos,
y si me enseñas a volar
me voy detrás de ti
como si no supieras
que nací bajo tus alas.
Lo que pasa
es que no te has dado cuenta
del valor de volar
bajo tu sombra.
Llévame bajo tus alas
y yo te regalo una hoja de mi cuaderno.
No me queda ni una
de tantas alfombras que he tejido.
Y es que sabías
que las hojas de mi
¿Son enviadas por Aladino?
Es por eso
que yo cuando estoy contigo
sé que puedo volar,
como si los dos
en una alfombra mágica.
Por eso me tiré del techo
con esta hoja de cuaderno
que si bien lees,
¡No sabes cómo te quiero!
Yuri Zambrano

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