A WISH CALLED HOPE / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



A morning and thereafter,
Spread all over them time
like a spread sheet dotted with space, thoughts, every day chores
Dropping kids at school and rushing for work
End to end, a stretch of events, a streak of desires,
A few memories piled over the a heap of drudgery
In between remembering what you told me last night
After we made love t after an interval of six months or more
Between mumbles and pleasure cries
Bordering on naked flesh
Was a little hope which I gauged in your vacant eyes
Uttered in monosyllables was my promise
To make this hope materialise
A hope of a broad smile of your parched lips
A hope of a blue moon in a star spangled sky
Of a carry over of life of ten long years, together
Dotted between thundering machines, long hours, over time
Which I buttonholed on my soiled shirt over and over again
over a week or more
Returning from work, the last week end
I caressed this hope standing before shop window
Of a glitzy mall
Hesitantly counting the few soiled notes
Hoping to buy a gift for you
For our next wedding anniversay !



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