Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal


Mother Earth

Mother earth you are divine
You made all this world
Gave them food
Shelter, water and nature.

You adore all creatures
In sea, land and mountains
You feed worthly all the creatures
Which fly in sky.
Which live in sand and air.

Embracing all the creatures
Nurture all with love.
Help all to survive.
We the heart of earth
In search of filling our thirst
Of gold, gems and oils.

She never cry with the actions
Which we humans tends to scrumble the tender feelings of our mother earth.
We gave us..only gave.
Never ask us for anything
As no quench she desire in tumoil or subtle of the shores..

In the mountains.
When glaciers melting
With moderate means we drove on her heart to kill her more.

What was the fault of mother
She gave us her everything
We kill her day by day..
Increasing pollutions, global warming everyday.

She also has the right to breath
As give you everything of your need indeed.
Let her live the way she wants..
She will give you more without any harm

Dedicated on Earth day.

@Saraswati Poswal


Child with the dove

Holding the dove with love and warmth.
Child do not want to let this dove fly.
She wants to keep this little bird safely.
May it not get hurt by any hunter nearby.
Dove is the bird which is symbol of love and peace.
Loved and pampered by all.
Peace loving are dove and children.
They are affraid of wars.
Spreading the love and unity is the mission of real humans so far.
Come summit all your love and peace for the progress of brotherhood with no more war..!!

@Saraswati Poswal



She has the charm
On her pretty face
She attracts everybody
Her smile too is very charming.
Radiance of her beauty
Can never be denied
Togtherness of beauty
And charm made her
Damp is her face
Glowing like a blooming flower.
What she does to keep all her charm alive..??
I asked her this.
She gave reply.
I never lie, I always rely, I stay humble and kind even on the tides.
This is only the secret of my charm and yes I always trust in me and does what I feel right.

@Saraswati Poswal


I saw something glittering in the sky…

Like a huge galaxies assembled
And decorate and long long clusters
Covering a small way
Adjucent to each other with no space eyes slips on this sight
Which seems to some special door
It is a door of morality, kindness, eternity
Who opened the latch of this door
This is a door created by heaveny bodies
All the twilights togethered
Some divine power may inheret in this beautiful castle like gate.
Which on seeing might loose the ratina of light..
It so much bright and white.
Purity is falling over its bream can be felt from heart once watching is pure radiance
My heart beep beep this is only the heavens gate which merely believe in stories of our elders..
May be the home of angels and fairies
God knows this susense he kept with him..
I nod my head and sang the hymns to please him once to let me enter this door alive..
May be in the dreams I could visit this heavenly door..
And contemplate my soul..

Good night all my dear sweet friends all around the world..!!

@Saraswati Poswal


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