Scrambled Story / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo


Scrambled Story

Nay, mourn me not
once gone to glory
just my verse re-order
and together join
then, you’ll come up
with a mystical story
full of death in life
and life out of death born…

you’ll then weep
for my life not my death…
with a freezing weather,
seasons full of storms,
assassinated dreams,
congealed flesh,
a love out of breath…
won’t you find me safer
in the mouths of worms?

when evildoers
orchestrate your life
with an invisible
remote control
& stab you now and again
with their occult knife
whenever you come
close to a goal,
so farewell to a life
where criminals thrive
while the innocent
die daily to survive…


Painting by Nebiha Felah


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