Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis

Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis
Ardent Safari
you are
the pyrotechnic
in my being
you are
the language
of metamorphosis
to my unknown traverse
you are
the quantum oscillator
in my infinite quest
to the epic
of new multiverses.
©Caroline Nazareno-Gabis/Philippines
close your eyes
inhale tranquility
float like a leaf of a new spring
landing on a placid stream
watch yourself reaching the vastness
slowly, slowly, slowly
now it’s on your hands
the dominion of liberty
hosting the quest for best
today–the new day!
©Caroline Nazareno-Gabis/Philippines
godiva’s refrain
do you still remember
the resounding ballads
of getting up
wave the mettle in sync
to be the one
the better one
do you still remember
the fading faces of time
the swallowing perfection
their sapphire kingdoms
but no one
do you still remember
the time you fell
from the death bed
of surrenders
yet again and again
your knees flex and stretch
to sketch another
clear sky.
©Caroline Nazareno-Gabis/Philippines
frame of mind
baby’s wedding
of grins and giggles
all firsts-all shakes
of countless unforgettable
states flowing
in the empiric lake
of real encounters
of feelings…
one’s fancy
one’s zest
one’s elysium
one’s pearl sky
emotion figure skates
bitter and sweet somersault
soft touches give
a sop to Cerberus
in the summer mornings
midday or silhouette nights
time pulsates the mind
a redressing moment.
©Caroline Nazareno-Gabis/Philippines

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