Poems by Ilhem Issaoui

Poems by Ilhem Issaoui
the girl with a big head and lame feet
looked at me and through me
and I was afeard of her look
and her cadaverous demeanour
her body like an antediluvian serpent or spirit
breathes frigorific empyrean and hell anon
she hollered at me in a sharp equanimity
she made me gelid
I was on the verge of crying wantonly
who am I then
if afeard of such pathetic creature
the puffs of dandelion soared to nowhere
she the yonder approached nearer and nearer,
till we become one
I am her, and she is me.
a memory as verdant as April
as rainy, as numinous
as yonder as April
as the tears in April
and the dewdrops
of April
in April
the sun is whelved among the drenched branches and leaves
and I inebriated with my melancholy
I go in search of it
a memory that resembles the dulcet April
yet as antediluvian as a bouquet of roses on a grave.
the dawn before the last
I smiled and cried
I contemplated the dawn, the mirabilia
the small clouds colligating like a coterie
of unalloyed mirth
and the white birds soaring
and the sea waves dashing on the shore
their colour was outrageous
are sea waves meant to be this heinous
like pale gray blades
that injure the deja diaphanous memory
I grew all thorns and sisyphean incomprehension
the dawn after
I answered the void’s call.

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