Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Drunk on hemlock
Love loves me like no other
Pulsating in my blood like red wine
Rising from my embers repeatedly
A Phoenix drunk on hemlock
Love doesn’t allow me to forget it
It lets me dream of jasmine bowers
Floating on rafts of innocent desire
Soaring on gusts of perfumed pleasure
Copyright Lily Swarn 30,4.2017
O Madhubala
One lift of your winged brow
A swallow in flight
And mountains of men
swooned in cinema houses
One glance from your mischievous eyes
Exuding liquor by kegs and barrels
Had women fainting with murderous envy
That famed crooked smile from those luscious lips
Dark with black and white passion
Had hearts fluttering and flapping in thudding chests
The screens in India were on fire
Heat and lust
Adoration and craze
Lives were dedicated to your swagger
The reigning queen of a million hearts
You died young
slaving in oppressive studios since a tender age
Your love was not yours to take
Chains of parental strictness crushing your ardor
O Madhubala ,how your devastatingly pretty countenance
Lured teenage school boys to theatres in matinee shows
Your swan neck glistening translucent as you gulped down water
How Adam’s apples bobbed up and down in scrawny necks
Oaths of undying love written in blood on throbbing hearts
Rheumy eyes peering at your classic features as you dance
On television screens ,evoking nostalgia in white haired gents
As you croon invitingly “” aayiye meherbaan ” …
Cooyright Lily Swarn 28.4 .2017
Lily Swarn

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