Mother’s Day Musings / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Mother’s Day Musings
I gasp in wonder as I peruse the shapes of my fingers
as if for the first time ever
So like yours mama
The cackle of girlish laughter that ended in a whoop is yours too
The endearments passed down by generations of soft spoken ladies
Colloquial nursery rhymes that I lisp
for my granddaughter today
Reverberate in my ears in my grandma’s nasal crooning
“Chana ve Teri channani
Taareya ve Teri lau
Chann pakaaye rotiyaan
Taara Kare rasoh ..”
She used to sway as she rolled the rotis for lunch
Simple sounds conveying maternal love
A treasure trove of collective instincts
To safeguard their daughters from lurking evils
Precautions to be home before sun down
Defying modern womanhood in their connotations
Are little girls shaping in their mama’s moulds mentally ?
I hope not !
Physicality is passed on genetically
There is no escaping the texture of your hair
Or the depth of your eyes
Please leave it at that dear Lord
Let our daughters rise above our fears
Let them spread their wings wide and
Soar high in the firmament
Let them have tougher hearts customised to perfection
Let their words be more meaningful than their designer bags
Let their crisp brains teach them to live a gracious giving life
This is my prayer for the generations of
Women which come in my trail
Let my benediction for this Mother’s Day be a blessing
for the darkness to vanish
For the fairer Sex
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.5.2017
Lily Swarn

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