The Parrots / Poem by Ugwu Leonard Elvis

Poem by Ugwu Leonard Elvis


The Parrots

Can I be given a pen to sign?
If that be possible, what do I paint?
My pen shall crest lines and never go faint,
It will vomit inks and keep the parrots shut
Poetry will be dug like a mine.

They chuckle afar from trees,
And sing endless songs of no meaning
When you near them “par par par” it flees,
I hear the story of every beginning,
At my bed corner early in the morning.

Her running mouth tames my pen to dance,
I will flourish my ink till the day parrot shuts her beak,
A quiet parrot is dead and an inkless pen is dry
If we must keep alive, none should be dead of dry words.

Sing songs of no rhythm,
Plays her harp with no season,
I will play by your rule, oh! Parrot
Even If I will end up a pen parrot.

No wahala!

*Leonard D Great*

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