I AM PART OF THE UNIVERSE / By Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

By Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
Sometimes God sends us angels disguised as friends, to erase the sadness of our hearts.
In this time I have realized it … He has never left me alone!
I thank you God from the bottom of my heart, for all these signs that you send me, through my dreams, my nights and my days.
For the shared smiles, for all the messages in each one of the people I encounter and touch my heart in a special way, that make me think: “this is God’s work.”Today I thanks to heaven, for all the blessings it gives me every day, from dawn with a smile painted on the lips, looking for God in the beautiful blue sky, appreciating the singing birds, the smell of the wet earth, the fresh breeze and the stillness that now accompany me.
The great Peace that has filled my soul and the secret happiness that all my skin transpires.I’m still smiling!
Evoking slowly in silence, those wonderful moments that were part of me.
Of that new odyssey that awakens every morning, born in my heart, bursting inside me and reflecting on the immense brightness that my eyes have today, they can’t lie!
Today I look again at the stars of the firmament, no longer with sadness or with regrets!
Now I know that I can reach all my desires! … And in that star, the brightest of the universe, the one that keeps all my dreams and my yearnings, I know that I also await pure, true and sincere love, which I have seen it and embraced in my dreams!
I can only say: Thank you very much my Lord for this wonderful day!
Let me be your light temple to transmit to others, that beautiful gift you have made me today.
I am part of the universe!
I am part of the immense melody we sing on earth, praising your name inside our hearts.
Thank you my Lord … For allowing me to be part of this Here and this Now!
I bless your name and I hug you in silence!
© Alicia Minjarez Ramírez.

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