Poems by Surbhi Anand

Poems by Surbhi Anand
That slept,
And break me from my inside,
Was too stubborn
Attracted magnet as fine,
But, that was not know me,
I having fist
Toiled and turned his face in my
Me sufferd
But learned,
Nd changed
Now have my name !
©®surbhi anand.
O double sheet
Take your life
On your meal
Always sigh… why?
While you know,
Measurement high !
©®surbhi anand.
Hey bloke,
Don’t polish your name on me,
Don’t stick your title with me,
What means vermilion?
Ya.. Show up
society knows me
That, I’m your hash tag wife
No, it’s not so…
I cut my branch
I’m not society follower,
Pls keep myself with my reign
My key is to be always I have!
©®surbhi anand.

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