Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn
The Laburnum
The laburnum was dropping her sun coloured vestments
Petal by golden petal
She disrobed to serenade the inviting earth
offerings of selfless love to the diety who nurtured her life blood
Summer after scalding summer
Unfailingly blossoming with bouquets of trailing burnished bunches
She followed the rigid dictates of changing seasons
Year after year
Letting the scorching Lu winds blow away her exotic costume
Watching with a wistful air
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.6.2017
In the line of fire
(A plea for peace )
They call it senseless killing
Blaring from television screens
In stentorian voices smug with attitude
They debate in conference rooms and file reports of inquiries
Holier than thou expressions lurking behind flared nostrils and superior tones
Handloom sarees befitting their stature in the scheme of things
Caps proclaiming affiliations
Cursing the violent world
She hides behind the rubble of the wall that fenced in her pastoral paradise
A shy bride with a glistening nose stud
Sparkling diamond eyes rimmed with smoky home made ‘Surma’
green glass bangles clutching her wrists protectively
as the staccato sound of the guns pounding across the border
rips apart her dreams
The fields nestling under the sprawling banyan trees
Blood splattered
The vermillion on her shy forehead awry and haywire
No one knew her life was disintegrating each day
for she was one of those
whose homes were
In the line of fire
Copyright Lily Swarn 11.6.2017
Lily Swarn

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