Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran

Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran
Future of Modern Man
The aboriginals are still in existence
In deep corners of Mother Earth
With their ‘Voodoo’ dance and drums,
In belief in spirits and dead souls,
Of being possessed of evil spirits
of the forest and jungles.
Oblivious of stories of heaven and hell,
Of origin of Adam and Eve,
Of garden of bliss, moon eyed ‘hoories’,
Of resurrection, of day of judgment,
Of stories of Abraham, of Prophets,
Of Old and New Testament.
Birth of Modern man in present era
Lost in faith, with dead soul,
Turned away from humaneness,
From compassion and Mercy,
With selfishness, self centeredness,
Trampling the rights of lowly,
Destroying nature with impudence.
Emptying treasure from the bowels of Earth.
Market and money ruling the roost.
Terrorism of one kind or other
wrenching the hearts of the innocents.
Loss of credulity, credibility.
Love and peace celestial gifts
evaporating in the thin air.
How to regain heavenly paradise here?
Collective conscious of Mankind
steadily slipping into darkness.
O Heavenly Love! Show Thy Mercy
Recapture, the hearts of humanity.
We and our gods
We are created beings
Beautiful, marvelous
With positive traits
Of mercy and compassion
Of holiness, purity.
But deep down carrying
The ancient savage man
With instincts to hunt and kill,
Destroy, burn and fill hearts
Of opponents with terror.
We create our own gods
In our fictitious minds,
Bit by bit building
gods nature with stories
Filling our minds with
Fantasy, fancy, imagery.
Our wishes, our desires, fears
Giving shape to the dummy gods.
The brimstones, fire in hearts,
Minds seeking blessings from gods.
If we could imbibe
Buddha’s compassion
Christ’s humility
Mohammad’s sincerity
Prophets of yore
In our minds and hearts,
We are of God
And God is of us.
Our inner self
Is purified
So are our actions.
But the savage man
In our deep self
Pops up unpleasantly
To destroy well laid
Gardens of blooming flowers
To create a mess of us.
Our love, our compassion
Should reach our inner most
Self, in every cell of being.
God of love and compassion
Should possess us
Encapsulate us
Seize us, arrest us.
Then the shinning Truth
Dawns on the mirror
Of pure heart
The crystal clear essence
Of the Lord reflects there from.
Silence of mind and heart
Is reached and achieved.
Calmness and tranquility
Transcends the personality.
Soul gets illumined.
Halo surrounds the being.
Aura increases.
Magnetivism captivates.
The goal is reached.
O! Many faceted Lord
His splendor is self-standing.
His brilliance is self sustaining.
His Kingship everlasting.
His splendor is eternal.
His brilliance generous.
His Kingship tremendous.
His splendor is with majesty.
His brilliance with beauty.
His Kingship without decline.
His splendor steals the heart.
His brilliance increases love.
His Kingship has no annihilation.
O the Great One, the Bestower, the Giver.
Mercy and Benevolence surrounds.
We disobey and commit sin of abhorrence.
You pardon us on our repentance.
Let Your peace, tranquility ever remain.
Your love in heart multiple and increase.

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