THE TREE OF LOVE / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard
I never bought my son a toy castle.
Castles mean pirate raids, war, hostility.
I believe in peace and love among nations.
Instead, I bought my son a tree of love
blue doves flew among its branches
he fed them with selected peace seeds.
All birds grew brotherhood and sisterhood
like sages, wisdom sat on the tree branches
like parent doves, all sang songs of courage.
The tree of love grew its happiness
rooted deep into the soil, grew strength
to withstand wild winds, storms, envy
hope grew along the garden footpaths
protecting all trees flowers and shrubs.
The garden looked like a green heart
in its center the tree of love
grows daily branches, leaves, compassion.
©Roula Pollard
All copyrights reserved
Roula Pollard

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