Poetry with strong imagination / By Acad. Dr. Jeton Kelmendi, Brussels

Poetry with strong imagination


By Acad. Dr. Jeton Kelmendi, Brussels

The poet Ihor Pavliouk in his choice poems, published in French with the title “Magma polésien”, which in English means Polesion Magma, has arrived to show to his readers his sentiment world, which is a great art. In fact the write is a special gift from the nature, but to me the read also is kind of art, because however I read, I tries to go deeply insight to the imagination of the author. The Ukrainian author is a writer who measures everything in his verses and thinks three times, to give the possibility to himself to write ones.  Poems are translated from Ukrainian to French by Thanase Vantchev de Thracy and Dmytro Tchystiak in a very good translation and when I read them I had a impression that I am reading in original language written. When you read the poetry book of Mr. Pavliouk, its clear that is not a poet who comes from an area and writes just for local subjects, but is not difficult to see that his imagination is so strong and definitely is a writer with high level of writing. Moreover Pavliouk is even not a national writer, but in international stage can be considered a great figure. In another side, he plays well with the figures used in his imagination and the subject that he treats. In first view his poems are modern, but when you read them in pleasure way, it most be noted that these poems are lyrics, which strong verses.  Narration in Ihor’s poetry is a model of sentiments to open his world page after page and to tell readers the history, life in his country, beauty of things haw his seas things etc.

Underground wind tunnel smell,
Looks like the damned souls will fly forever.
Christ came as he went past in the desert –
They have not crucified,
They laughed at him,
Now they sit
And eat.


Poetry in general is something great, but Pavliouk writes modern poetry and the may haw hi get insight of the sentence is really magnificent which overtakes the standard communication and becomes great art. To write poetry is gift from the God is a citation from old Greece, but to read poetry, I mean to read deeply it should be a kind of art to. As a passionate reader of poetry I read two times the poetry of Ukrainian modern poet Ihor Pavliouk and I sow that the second time I sow something which I did not seen the first time. What is that? To me this poetry book has given pleasure to read and I can say that his poetry are deeply artistic in a specific that are written and trying to understand them I sow that however you read them you find more and more view on them.

Is not in my may to analyse in a classical way any poetry book and when we add the fact that I am not critic of literature is simple to estivate from it, but as a writer and a reader who loves poetry, I can write haw I read these poems, which are to me very good poems. So, in this case these sentences that I have written are not study for Ihor’s poetry, but just to tell haw I have seen from my viewpoint.  Thematic of his poetry is wide and large, but this does not mean that is realised as in les level, because hi measure first, rethinking second and writes third. These steps he practise in his written. In general I have had chance to read some Ukrainian poets and I love Ukrainian modern poetry, but Mr. Pavliouk is great poet and it is also good that his poetry can be read in large languages like this book in French, for what I would like to kingadulate  Mr. de Thracy and Tchystiak who translated. It will be a good job to translate this book in several languages, because reader in all around the world can see haw nice are his poetry. In the end I have to say that this reading was a pleasure for me and I hope we can translate it into my language Albanian and to offer my people this nice poetry book.



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