A Glympse – Hana Shishiny


all poets are my lovers [males /females], they are not to be meagre seeds, but rather some spring sprouts clamouring their vines to reach an endless end; i have a need to hear not only his tickling ink voices, but also to chew the “unreal”, the intractable… i need to be dragged to utterance than into analysis; i need to be bolted dazed into a paralytic plane… when i meet a person, i catch his eyes… read what it says, dissect its movements, imprison its thoughts, dig deeper into its structural despot_thereby, my imagination starts to paint sculpt draw a discursive portrait! _Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Hana Shishiny
Lebanese .. living in Cairo Egypt. . Married to an Egyptian. .
Interior designer..poet and writer in arabica and english ..
From the north of Lebanon… birth land of Khalil Gebrane came to Egypt after the civil war could never believe in differences between religions
love and beauty are my religion… always wrote for that and still do
The glory of love
Toward the glory of love
Oceans, I sailed, storms and tides
Through skies of clarity, I flew
On mountains, I did, climb and slide
Toward those golden gardens, I run
Where divine flowers swing and dance
#1 Hana Shishiny
like a ballerina
my limbs my body my head
swing in graceful abundance
the wind plays
the violin conciertos
in its tireless innocence
carries my soul!
#1 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Breeze of forever. . Shining sun
A timeless hymn of love intense ..
Searching for that crystal crown
That nobody sees but you and me
I will be your Queen. . as you are the one
A flowing river to you..my sea…
#2 Hana Shishiny
a satin white magnolia
by the burning heats
and roaring chills
holds the golden sceptre
hammered by her king.
#2 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Love is my tide and shore
The rolling waves, caressing for more
The twinkling of falling stardust
The longings of soul, and the fire of lust. .
#3 Hana Shishiny Feb 2017
and as she floats
on the vastness of the sea
his loving embraces sing endlessly.
#3 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Miraculous stream
When morning comes, with miraculous stream
Of light, following your divine pull to heaven
Lifting, soaring… to where love breaks the dreams
With blooming flowers of sacred garden..
Toward the light… you lead my steps
To magical field, I follow your call
Possessed by poetry… as dew drops
Blossoming flowers when words scroll..
Becoming a flicker of light beam
A crowned goddess, in your lighted stream
Fly me into your seven skies
Where love breaks dreams… and never dies
#4 Hana Shishiny November 2016
her divine devotion
keeps her sweet essence
a satin white magnolia
of seething aroma
seeking seeking seeking
the everlasting paradise.
#4 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Waiting for you
People on street, possessed by hunted minds
Noise swallowing all inside
Clouds merging, covering the sky
Waiting for you..alone I abide
#5 Hana Shishiny November 2016
though looming dark clouds
make my sight seems blind
my stillness lend me
the feeling of your presence.
#5 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Come take me to your shaded forest
In a timeless life..paradisiacal walk
Hold my thoughts..hold my mind
Will you be mine while holding hands
Will you be loving me, if night pretends
#6 Hana Shishiny November 2016
during all my walks
my runs my flights my fallings
your warmth your touch
flame me burn me
my Life my Hope my Triumphs
you circle cocoon me
swing me to a hammock of joy!
#6 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
Be my flight to rainbow lights
Get me as far, as your wings could stand
And if darkness starts to fall
Love me abruptly… be the storm
That takes it all… Make the void
Let it be filled, with just your light.
#7 Hana Shishiny November 2016
in all my climbs
Mount Everest Mount Everest
my feet my knees my body ache
my heart losing its beats
i do not rest i do not rest
i feel your arms
embracing me in romance.
#7 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
It is you and me
When the time stops still
And the moment becomes a forever
And I ride the rays of lights, till
Feet draw rainbows, pouring colours
#8 Hana Shishiny November 2016
i dream for that famed moment
when my eyes will
ceaselessly stare at it
my life in eternity with you my darling!
#8 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
When I become the ink and the poem
While your fingers creating wonders
Being the violin..and the tunes
And getting in your blues and the thunders
#9 Hana Shishiny November 2016
how can i dance gracefully
flex my body
like a jasmine vine
my eyes closed in dreams
clustering blooms… ahhhhhhhhh… i am.
#9 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
It is you and me… you in me
That explode rivers in the deserts
A song of heaven… and Nd waves of sea
A timeless fairy tale of joy and hurts
A human melody that never ends
Repeated in the valley of life
Echoing meaning of eternal blend
A magic blessing of glamor and strife.
#10 Hana Shishiny November 2016
with you i breathe
with you i dance
with you i sing
even my shadows
mimique your moves
i blossom
into such unique landscape.
#10 Maelan Koia Sydney 2017

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