Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
A patchwork quilt of love
Painstakingly joined
In tiny stitches
by a dear old lady ‘s
Myopic eyes
My protective sheath
My security system
Grappling with vagaries
For each voice in my ear
That prophesies love
A sense of wonder
A window bedecked
With vines of jasmine
Fragrance sodden
An ornate door
Brass knobbed
Opening vistas
Pearly shells
Strewn on sand
Luminous love
Flamingos in flight
Pink and scarlet
I pull you close
I bunch up beneath
Your caressing umbrella
My patchwork quilt
Of love !!
Copyright Lily Swarn 28.4.2016
Clones of happiness
Masquerading in ball rooms
Fake joys disguised in warfare camouflage
Thrills induced with artificial surges of endorphin highs
Scarlet smiles with Dracula teeth
Hidden behind grins of camaraderie
Jubilation tottering on high heels
Euphoria adjusting its sails
Bliss bleeding around its seams
Elation skidding down the stairs
Ebullience burning its bridges
Why don’t you come back
Giddy bursts of crazy laughter ?
Where did you vanish
Whoops of cackling glee ?
Are you hiding from me
Giggles of golden days?
Come back now
Come on!!
Copyright Lily Swarn 27.4.2016
Lofty ideals
perched on minarets
Like pigeons inside a
temple’s sanctum sanctorum
Or doves in love
Cooing on church spires
Hovering high like
Drones circling for a target
Thoughts riding on tops
Rolled in a string in a
Teenage boy’s fingers
Revolving and levitating
Like dervishes in a trance !
Set us free from
Our parrot cages
These sad eyed prisoners
Searching for our land
Of birth , our “Wattan “
Fluttering our helpless wings
Snipped with scissors of hate
We are not migratory birds
Let us go home
Don’t snatch our streets
Where we skipped and played
Where our glances met
Where our love letters
were scribbled in blood
Release our burdens
Let us rise above our
Petty piggish peeves
Set us free !
Copyright Lily Swarn 25.4.2016
You walk barefoot in the blazing heat
The sun , a vengeful friend
Scalding the nape of your neck
As you bow helplessly under its
Ferocious penetrating rays
Its summer in the northern plains
Dust storms are doing their merry dance
Scorching ,sand laden ,hurting the skin
You are all of tender fourteen as you
Trudge to wash utensils in four homes
The sheer dupatta barely shields your head
Your rubber slippers are two sizes large for your work calloused feet
You drag yourself in them
Plodding in silent soulfulness
The louts lolling around at the kerb
Had looked you up and down with leering whistles and obscene remarks
Choicest abuses referring to your caste had also reverberated
Your mother had told you to look down and walk past
(Whenever you had time to listen to her )
The swarthy one with shiny shades on his eyes came from behind surreptitiously
You felt a heavy groping hand on your bosom
As you ran , your shrieks were muffled with a filthy rag
A van zoomed in and the doors slid open
You were whisked away in seconds
Never to come back the same girl
Bruised battered raped
In the street you grew up in
By the boys who played marbles with you
Whose kites you helped fly from the terraces
Who you played street cricket with
Monsters are made right in your homes
Trust and faith are alien words
Girls and women are preyed upon
These words are hollow too
For your wondrous dreams
Were trampled upon
Your seeking eyes dimmed with pain
Your hollow cheeks streaked
with rivers of aches pouring out from your squashed psyche
They called your ravaged body
Unholy names
Your alcoholic dad lay in a drunken haze while his baby girl
Lay in a pool of her own
Life blood !
Sunaina could not see any more
The wonders of this world ‘
Sunaina went into a coma
And she made it to the headlines
Of international newspapers !!
Copyright Lily Swarn 23.4.2016
Fragrant frangipani flaunting
Seductive scents sublime
Purple petunia parading
Violet vignettes volatile
Simpering salvia serenading
scarlet sizzling sunshine
Daunting dahlia drooling
Dramatic dazzling dollops
Burnished blooms brandishing
Brilliant blushing blossoms
Copyright Lily Swarn 22.4.2016
All this pretty fancy talk
Of love in the moonlight
Somehow boomerangs
Against the concrete walls
Of your city
Heartless as the Grand Canyon
Murky as the Mumbai slums !
Grovelling on all fours
A beggar near the Holy Ganges!
The dismal aura of your
City !
The sunset dims in
The toxic fumes of
Your city’s guzzlers
Gigantic Devils
in luxurious avatars
Limousines and Maseratis
Smug in their dandy apparel
The flaming orange of
Your sun is pock marked
It smacks of listlessness
An ennui born of bone breaking
Toil and turmoil
Of debauchery clad minds
Sending raucous messages on
Hand held machines
It hides its lovely rotund face
Behind its grimy veil!
The trees that sang in
Dulcet tones in our youth
Crack their voices and go
Off tune !the leaves are dusty
The romance lurks in hollows
Owls hoot with a snigger !
Their branches look down
No bird wants to nest here
They fly off to find solace
In the depths of your
Gazelle eyes ,drowned
In dark liquid “Kaajal”
The ramparts of the
Ancient crumbling city
Beckon with arms of rubble
It promises the golden bird
That was once our country
It resounds with the sound
of poetry oozing from reed pens
Flowing silk and satin
Trailing in halls of yore
The streams and canals tinkle
With laughter from boat rides
Life was so exhilarating
When walls were not drawn!!
Walls of race and colour
That knot us up with ropes
That never can be cut
Only loosened once a while
Walls of caste and creed
That lie simmering under
Garbs of cheery bonhomie
Walls of gender benders
Of gay and lesbian rights
Walls that never break
That you often have to climb!
Walls where we could meet
To share our Tiffin box
And drink from the fountain
Of the Elixir of life !
Copyright Lily Swarn 16.4.2016

One thought on “Poems by Lily Swarn

  1. Congratulations for this achievement…
    All poem are Superb.,
    You wrote so beautifully…
    Specially.. Come on, Sunaina, and spring flowers…
    You deserve….
    Heartly congratulations

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