Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S

Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S



O’ Lord…
Let me be the candle
Burning myself in passion
Left my empty room to love

Illuminating the dim corner
To warm the cool heart
Brightening the dark night
Though it looks mean nothing

Let me try to forget
Trying to forget myself
As my existence, just a shadow
Let the past gone by the cold wind

I am a tiny candle…
Forgetting myself for life
More to love, than to be loved
Willing to forgive, and to forget

Spreading my light till last breath
To find myself in a new world!

© pantas p. sitompul™



Frightening like horror
There was something error
Breaking the silence in tremor

While others race for peace
You broke it into pieces…

Someone have promised you heaven
But they never have been there
Even, they never smell it
How could you belief it?
Your way ended into totally darkness…

Your paradise unknown…?
Your name erased…
From the book of life
Where only ‘love’ in their heart
That could enter that golden-gate!

Love is the language of Heaven
While hate, stay out the door
Only smiling face could live there
A face that shine like the sun

Don’t go straight
Your way leading to ashes

Holding back to your life
Ignite your torch of love
And feel, how lovely the life can be
Taste the heaven of life

Surely, you will find…
Only in LOVE!
As our Almighty Creator
Created Adam and Eve
With a divine LOVE…

A love from a couple
Become the love for all…
Where their heart sealed with peace!

© pantas p. sitompul™



Your life is…
how length of your mind

Your heaven is…
how mature of your faith

Your love is…
how deep of your loyalty

© pantas p sitompul™



Panca Sila dasar negara-ku
Amanat para pendiri bangsa
Negara Kesatuan Rep. Indonesia
Cinta dalam keberagaman
Acuan berbangsa dan bernegara

Solusi bagi semua rakyat
Ideologi pemersatu bangsa
Lima pilar kokoh atap NKRI
Amalan untuk setiap warga negara

© pps. – 31.05.2017
HBD PancaSila


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