Poems by Surbhi Anand

Poems by Surbhi Anand
Make me costly
Weep with my time
But don’t complain me,
Yes! You love me
So, forget your hi-fi class
I’m nude, hopeless
Come on!
Make me feel my worth !
©®surbhi anand.
I’m not single mind
Drummer, drum my besides,
Me never wish,
That loose my sight
So as, forbidden his mistakes,
But never would be wants
That, he always misbehaving with me
Therefore, knob my part !
©®surbhi anand.
Mixing way
Snow was white, but scattered
Lime was sour, but healthy
One lier, one true
Both dissolved into me
It is human cyclic route
Sometimes very tumultuous
Sometimes tumble
But sometimes,
Life goes for oneself !
©®surbhi anand.

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