Poems by Vasil Tabaku / Translated: Tyran Prizren Spahiu


Poems by Vasil Tabaku
Love you,
A love that is not explained
A pain which has no limit
A dream that doesn’t wake
A fire named Albania …
Love you
Place with the mountains of breathe
With the rivers of blood
With the spirit of the sky
With the holiness of the saint,
Small and transcendent
My kiss with the name Albania
Saint Kosova
And Çamëria,
Preseva and Kumanova
Truly magnificent heart,
A concern
Where flowers bloom and grow old
Where birds turn gray
And lightening dies
With the ragged skies
Our face washed in the rain
because tear
not because there is no meaning,
Prayer has no meaning
Even curse of all genres …
My voice is not heard
Song of the trees
As sad monks …
From this land
Gone are all sons
With the hope thrown on shoulder
As a corpse without a soul …
Escape, escape and just escape
Penance girls
With trembling hands
Smooth out love …
The streets of my country
Filled with killed kisses
Lonely hugs
Suns views without light …
Love you
Adore until the submission
On bended knee
Albania our heart on hands
I talk to you
Smile with you
As I look merging little by little
Whereas the sun
Falls slowly in west
But you have another sun
Inside your fragile chest
Another Moon
And another star
You all pains and loves
All dreams
Unquenchable fire of yearn
The motherly voice calling,
Because you are only one
You are our yourself multiplied
Kosova,Çamëria, Presheva
And Kumanova
Blood and light which floods
Horizon where all the goods are born
And builds on the throne of the Homeland
Your call In Albanian …
… I’m dressed
With your smile.
Your dream people
Inside is in my blue word
My eyes
Requiring in the World
Eyes that speak out with hope
My eyes
They are not made to cry
With the kiss on hand
Walk the streets of pain
As silence himself
A mountain filled with birds
where tweets
Build the cities of tomorrow
I want to sleep loved
And wake up from a hug
Over virginity granted
In a place
A curse entired outrage
I love the light …
I’m in love with the sun
An endless sky
Where the rain dies
And further reigns storms
Whereas with my hands
Slowly lift
The house sighs
Where the lilies of the Moon
Are the white loves
On my sadness wounds
My eyes
There are rivers of tears
They are not made to cry ….
My eyes
As fire stars on your hands
Are the unspoken words of love,
Are atom’s of suns
Are golden particles of smile
Fragments of words
Poured into the lap of the God
My eyes
A magic beyond magic.
My eyes
Of golden diamonds
Are your candor
With beautiful dreams of pain
where are woken
Cute kids hope …
My eyes
Are not made to weep
And with them
Build a new love on the World
Just laugh
Believe me people
I just want to laugh,
To fill the chest
With the sun glistening ripples
Be dressed with mornings
Over the gray twilight of pain …
Just laugh …
Kissing birds
Conquer the skies of love
To laugh
And over your silence my love
Pour all the gold of the Moon
Just laugh
But somewhere a child …
Shed tears dew on road
His shivering
Wear my fragile body
And do the day crawl
A woman
Lonely sighs
Over abandoned horses of joy
Where poverty and sadness feels fizzled …
I want to laugh
But my Albania groans
In torn veil of endless worries
While children flee
Fleeing to irreversible forgetness
In a far location
Where bread and freedom are the subject of the day …
Getaway, poverty, sadness, suffering and sorrow
My country the magic miracle
Wearing century affliction
Pamper my smile
And being covered with motherly kiss
And I can not laugh
Erupt in cries the joy of happiness
I can not, people
By no means I can not laugh …
The hurricane of words
Sleep in anger of heaven.
Inside me, cry of Silence
Build a city of pain without end
have you seen barefoot children
In the City streets
With outstretched hand before
As a pillar of misery
In their angelic face
Hanged is one illegible word
While gaze turns into a prayer …
Has house of light
Where human happiness
It builds the magic of love
But there are thousands of suffering homes
Unfortunate shelters
where hunger
Plays the drama of suicide and madness …
Over the trees on road
Birds of bloody kisses
Wail sphinx of sorrow …
while in front
On a sin temple
I powerful man,
poured in marble
His sober smile
Drunk by treasure and crime
Blind before the day that groans
Indifferent, ruthless, arrogant
While asking the Lord
To be given peace and blessing …
Only now I realize
Why my kiss hurts
And rose are bloody
Why sob lost virginity of holy girl
In the arms of the evening as a nun …
Why the dawn lights
Afraid is
On the wings of doves
And my words are cold
At the doors a watery eyes of houses
Turned I am into a revolt…
… because smile
Has endurance
At your roses kiss …
A fountain of voices
Spilled on my shoulders
Lightly words,
With crystal light
Magic stutters
under blue groans
Of the ceiling lily
in your drunk breast …
… Because there
Is the future
I genuflect
Blessing of kissings….
Holds woman sigh
infinite caress
A stroke lawn
And explosive light
Of the heavens love …
Great woman spirit
where World
has revealed
Its magical nest
Spirit of the woman
Where oceans groan
And explode seas
While all the fountains of the World
On your slavery body …
I’m the slave of your outstanding figure
Among my hands
Are woken afraid
White breasts of doves
Your hands of dream
The open-armed
As you tell me,
Do not go
My dear stay
Stay with me
While love gray with us,
Do not go
Come to awaken children
With our kisses
Build the world
And make happy
Itself happiness
Come you say
Do not go
Do not abandon
This beautiful spirit woman
Give value and meaning
To our night of love
Forgive the skies
To cut
My insane dresses …
Do not go
Be my guide!
The emperor of passions
From the woman …
Lift my pain
Over the sad mountains
And give me only love…
Translated: Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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