Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



A mirthful mind radiates its fragrance
Its splendour in swing sings elegance
Melodies mulled over prolonged years
Stream sparkling with rapturous. tears

Let us delve into depths of our hearts
To assess length of love in all its parts
Sharing the nectar of love with others
We can keep enriching fame’s feathers

Let us measure the strength of sorrow
To keep genial joy for better tomorrow
Spiritual awakening is all pursuit of life
Let us ennoble souls avoiding all strife

Sailing in the sea of bliss in existence
We learn to churn the sea for essence
The terror of storms keeps us ashore
Venturing the roaring sea we can soar

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



The flower chuckles in blissful bloom
When the breeze’s kisses are in boom
Nature is draped in delightful tapestry
Grandeur lies in the Almighty’s artistry

Fragrance endears itself to elegance
Enabling existence’s ecstatic essence
Blissful beauty constitutes all creation
Comprehension fosters our recreation

All life is strengthened by lustrous love
Lengthening avenues for striving above
Each being imitates the Supreme Being
In miniature form keeping living glowing

Let us live like lovely lotuses in radiance
Enrapturing lives with exquisite elegance
Liveliness springs from.nurtured rapture
Blessed living becomes curious capture

@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



If God feels it an obligation on His part
To review His performance in each art
He will speak to us to get our feedback
To keep the universe back on the track

He will open to me all His genuine heart
To keep me enlightened about His craft
“I always script all story of life and death
You always live with the thought of death

You create yourself your heaven and hell
All your fears create for you a prison cell
Those braving risks access real success
Cowards embracing grief often fare less

My poetry flows eternally in this universe
Each creature is bound to recite.my verse
You create cacophony with my own words
Plagiarising my poetry as beguiling bards

My poetry has its uniquely curious charm
Each bird sings my song for creating calm
My poetry only relieves you of pain as balm
Your poetry is your story cresting all chasm

You can observe the cascade of my poetry
In all things I create with superb symmetry
You make a mess of things with religions
Other creatures visualise me in their regions

I am the only master of this entire universe
Every creature perused afresh all my verse
You script your own verse to go all adverse
To observe with angst occurrences reverse

You should end all ego to keep life glowing
Never breed greed to make others growing
No religion of yours chains my whole being
Free yourself from.all prisons for your being

You can only notice all Heaven on the earth
Enriching your existence with the real mirth ”
I realise that I am only His illustrious image
Reciting His poetry to adore Him as a sage

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



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