Lily Swarn, the poet who touches the spirit of the muses – By: Agron Shele / Translated: Tyran Prizren Spahiu


Lily Swarn, the poet who touches the spirit of the muses.

By: Agron Shele

Lili Swarn is an Indian author who has long touched the universal poetic sky. Her many literary events and presentations on various international literary sites have attracted the reader, the special style and the great message she conveys about her life, her beauty and human challenges. As an author who writes mostly in free verses, it provides vital insights, from the naturalness of everyday life up to postmodern configurations.

The figurations used and mostly the metaphors, raise her art of high-level authorship, just like in the muses of the Olympus and from there touches the sunrise inscansedents , the heavens of love and humanity, as well as the most sensual human decorations. The poetry theme of this author touches upon all social phenomena, somewhere stops at the sigh and pain of an immigrant, somewhere else in the pain and suffering of a raped girl or woman, somewhere else on the walls raised in the head from blind minds, somewhere else touches the sensuality and delicacy of the soul itself.

What I would like to emphasize is that within all the elliptical forms that it brings, advanced and modern thought is that all its creativity is a conundrum that has the philosophy and psychology of expression, and so comes the production of the great idea and vision for tomorrow .

Her poetry resembles a bouquet of fresh, full-bodied fragrance, spreading through sounds in the air and ringing the music symphony, just like a sea-violin or an old guitar somewhere in a park.

Her nature, brought forms, ideas and the responsibility of opinion undoubtedly makes this author elite and much more attentive to creativity.

Having knowledge of writing techniques that makes verses at the end of poetry, Lily knows how to create the right emotion and ability to read it.

Her poetry has a lot of light, a lot of love, and as such she illuminates the world with the spectrum of infinite colors.

Another aspect of her poetry is the combination of tradition with the antiquity and being perfected by the new vision that brings that variety and concept, and identifies as an author but also gives credibility and authority in the field of letters.

As a poet of motives and strong emotions she has now become a familiar voice, not only for the literary culture of the country she represents, but far beyond in space and time.
Lily Swarn comes to contemporary literature not only as the identification of the time she experiences, but also as an inalienable literary trace that will be met tomorrow, with the lights-shadows and the great vision for a more humane and universal world.


Translated: Tyran Prizren Spahiu



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