Short stories by Tatjana Debeljacki

Short stories by Tatjana Debeljacki
You believe – believe
It is only about your psyche, magical stories are literally stories for little children. Magic takes the advantage of the fact that a man’s psyche affects his physiognomy – if you believe that something bad will happen to you, it will. When you are reading or thinking about things you must do it critically – you can’t believe everything you read or you are told. Books on parapsychology are mainly written with the purpose to make money and they usually publish terrible lies …
Once again, and most importantly, magic works only if you believe in it …
A Pyramid and a Cathedral
True poets do not fear facing the lighting of truth, the times long gone which merge into a life dimension. Times fly, thoughts fly. An eventful experience! We cannot help uniting. Don’t be far away, stray words. I looked at my ancient manuscript. Each conceals a pearl! A storm is raging, a lightning hits crystal clouds, a hero fugitive, a dog under a tree, a cabin in fog. You, a beast of flesh, a spaceship from cartoons. You can say it is unstability in your horoscope! Our dreams touch! Miracles of logos, infinite moves, right and left, Yang and Yin, Abel and Cain …
Who is going to win, black or white? Magical attractions
I phoned him and said: “Tell me anything?” „What”. „Gosh, tell me anything, I need a
title for my story”. „Nonsense”. „It is not nonsense, as when you say something, then
my story stem from that word”. „Oh that. Could it be a serial?” „What sir-aerial?”„It was
the first thing that has entered my mind”. „Who has the leading role?” „Nobody looks
familiar to me; I am watching it just to pass the time”. „Well then, continue watching it, I
must go to the toilet”. „What suddenly happened”? „The recommendations of
everything and all, they made me going into the toilet”. „You are crazy!”„I know, it is
pre-sumable but has never been confirmed. I am going slowly; I want to smoke one,
long time since I smoked last. „Smoking is a health hazard”. „And what isn’t?” „Allright
then, see you later”. „Starting from your anything, what and nothing, I am going to the
toilet with bitterness. When I get back from the conversation, the only thing that is left
is this story without the episode of everything and what… Nothing.”
– am I gifted person? Is it important, since I no longer exist?!
I was sailing through the endless space, still angry at the death that came in malevolent
time. The success was feasible. The space is so cold, and my physicus, which I imagined,
transformed into the powerful energy that has no use. I did not have a plan.
– Probably I do not need the plan here, – as if the thought was spotted.
From some star constellation, a man in white floated towards me. He was tampering
something about my bodiless being, and then suddenly disappeared.
People around me were freely walking in their pajamas, it was only me bound to bed.

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