INDIA WORLD POETREE FESTIVAL – Ethel P. David / Pentasi B Fellowship Hyderabad 2017

Pentasi B Fellowship Hyderabad 2017
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Inspirational Message to Pentasi B Fellowship Hyderabad 2017

How does one inspire in a world where bombings and senseless deaths wrought by men, compete with the disasters and deaths wrought by nature, seemingly in a race to decimate humankind itself from the face of the earth? Who is the person whose words are influential enough to halt the nuclear arms race, the religious wars, the election of persons who do not ennoble, but instead pander to what is base in all of us—those savage and primitive desires?

In the past, we had Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King. We had Abraham Lincoln. We had John F Kennedy. We had Bertrand Russell. We had Tolstoy, Camus. We had John Lennon. But our present waits for men of their stature and caliber. Will there arise a man whose words are gospels to multitudes, whose examples move entire peoples, whose lives are laid on the line for their beliefs in peace, in man’s innate goodness, and in a future based on what is man’s right to live his life as well as is possible?

We believe there will. We believe, as surely as we believe that our sun will rise at dawn, as surely as we believe that our mothers love us unselfishly, as surely as we believe that every day is a blessing, as surely as we believe in the wonder of life, and as surely as we believe in the values that we hold dear. Indeed, others may see us as quixotic, foolish, unrealistic. They may say that those who survive are those who believe in pragmatism rather than idealism. They may see us as dreamers with our heads in the clouds, when our feet should be planted firmly on earth. They may predict for us an unhappy and miserable end.

And yet, Gandhi, Lincoln, Kennedy, passed into immortality and joined the pantheon of godlike men.

It is with this ennobling sentiment and thought that we welcome the gathering of poets and writers this coming October in Hyderabad, at the Pentasi B Fellowship, sponsored by a humanitarian cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, Dr L Sr Prasad, himself a poet and translator extraordinaire. Armed with nothing more deadly than their pens, they hold fast to their goals of inspiring, healing and awakening, noble goals that had been set long ago by Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim, founder of Pentasi B and multi-awarded Father of Visual Poetry.

In a world where strife due to cultural, religious and ideological differences is the rule rather than the exception, they seek to unite all races, all colors, all beliefs in an encompassing and brotherly embrace. They affirm our deeply-held conviction that, yes, all of these are indeed, possible.


~ By Ethel P. David


It is a distinct honor and privilege to pay tribute to Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry, the International Poetry Society which is celebrating its fifth year with another World Event here in Ghana, Africa. It held its 2013 Historical Forum under the auspices of the National Museum and the National Library, both of the Philippines, and a World Event 2015 in Antipolo, Philippines. Today it is going to the land of the Firstborn.

At a time when humanity is reeling from all the shocks of natural and man-made calamities, Pentasi B is a sanctuary where the poets, the writers, the artists, from all 8 continents of the globe—sensitive souls all—can find a haven and a niche, with its avowed aims to Inspire, Heal and Awaken.

Truly, we are inspired by the sight of poets existing together in peace and harmony; we are healed by the gentle touch of its founder, Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim, multi-awarded Father of Visual Poetry, whom all its members look up to for encouragement and praise; and we awaken to the possibility that yesssSSS (the buzzword for Pentasi B), the world can be, IS, a lovely place to live in. Nobody who has become a member ever wants to leave, and indeed, its numbers grow daily.

Pentasi B is the Utopia which mankind thought was impossible of attainment, but which is here, with us, in our presence. It is a place where poets, writers and artists, regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender and Political Orientation, are welcome.

The only requirement, if one may put it that way, for admission, is the talent for poetry, for writing, for art, and that burning desire for universal peace for all of humanity. If that puts it at odds with warmongers, those who want a world at perpetual strife and never mind the loss of human lives, even innocent 3-year olds being washed up on a tourist beach, then, indeed, it has to admit that it is. But ask the ordinary man in any part of the world who he’d rather have, the warmonger or the poet, and chances are, he’d opt for people who put beauty in his life, a song in his heart, and a spring in his step.

It is with this noble and attainable aim that Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry holds its 2016 World Event in this land, where the First Man was born, and we look forward not just to a week, but to a lifetime of universal brotherhood in its deepest and most fulfilling sense.


~ By Ethel P. David




Title Page

Copyright Page


To Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim, whose encouragement and patience brought this paper to fruition;

To Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, whose generosity made this event possible;

To all our poet-friends in India;

To all members of Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry;

To all poets, writers and artists in the world who
believe in, live for, and fight for, Peace

Table of Contents


Visual Poetry

What is Visual Poetry?

Doc Penpen’s Visual Poems

Poem 1: ! in my time) (of I was

Poem 2: ground (ZE(_____)RO)found

Figure 1: Cartesian plane with quadrants

Poems 3: the hard truth & i beg(in) truth

Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim


Note About the Author




Radiance So Bright: Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim and Visual Poetry, A Dissertation by Ethel P David

Copyright 2017 by Ethel P David

Radiance So Bright: Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim and Visual Poetry, A Dissertation by Ethel P David

All rights reserved under Philippine and International Intellectual Property Laws.

NOTE: A thesis. Soon will be presented by Ethel P. David at Pentasi B Poetry Hour in Hyderabad. Watch Out!


A Note About the Author

Ethel P David obtained her A.B. English from the University of the Philippines, where she also finished her academic units for an M.A. in Comparative Literature. Her would-be thesis, for which she had already gathered materials, was to have been on Campus Poetry from the Philippine Collegian, the student newspaper of the U.P., from its founding sometime in 1908, to the 1980s. From the 1910s to the 1940s, every poet of note started out publishing their poems in the Philippine Collegian. The Japanese Occupation put a stop to the publication of the Philippine Collegian—although not to the writing of poetry—but after the war, the Philippine Collegian resumed publication, and the 1950s and 1960s saw a resurgence and vibrancy in Campus Poetry. The nationalist movement and the declaration of Martial Law in 1972 combined to slow down the publication of poetry in English, and poets turned to writing poetry in Filipino, mainly Tagalog. In the 1980s, Campus Poetry in English had dwindled to a trickle, and at present (2000s), the Philippine Collegian, nicknamed “Kule”, rarely, if ever, publishes poems, whether in English or Filipino.

In spite of her A.B. degree and M.A. units, other than editing a book of poems, it was only fairly recently (2014) when she turned to Literature, mainly poetry, again, when she was designated Coordinator for the Philippines by the President of Pegasi Albania International, an organization of Albanian and international poets. That led to her applying for membership at Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry, where she was accepted. In 2015, she was included as a delegate to the Pentasi B Event in Ghana, but was unable to be present due to technical issues. Last year (2016), the Founder of Pentasi B designated her as an Administrator, and, later, Programme Secretary and Coordinator of the India World Poetry Festival and Pentasi B Fellowship in Hyderabad 2017. She is also on the shortlist of Honored Foreign Delegates to the same event.

She edited the aforementioned book of poems and short stories “Now About to Arrive and Other Poems” by Dr. F. David, with a Foreword by Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, former Editor-in-Chief of The Philippine Collegian. She has translated the poem “A Seat in Heavens” written by the President of Pegasi Albania, into Filipino. This poem was translated from its Greek original into English by Elefterios Photiou. She wrote “The Man, The Mystery, The Magic, The Metaphor, The Myth”, published in Pinoy Parazzi on November 19, 2016, on the occasion of the birthday of the Founder of Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry.

She was named Pegasi Albania Coordinator of the Year in 2014 and 2015, and holds the position of Coordinator up to the present.

She has been honored to be included as members in several pages and publications:

Albanian: Enciklopedia E Shkrimtareve Shqiptare, Gazeta Zagoria, Poleart ‘Pegasi’ Albania, Tempull-Pegasi The Temple of Pegasi. And recently, to Faqja Letrare: Galaktika Poetike Atunis and Unione Mondiale Del Poeti-Albania.

English: Contemporary Poets, Their Works, Projects, News, Links and Sites; International Poetry Forum; Travelogue; World’s Association of English Poetry; World Literature: Poetry, Essays, Memoirs; World Nation Writers’ Union (both groups); WM Defending Women Rights. Frente Poetico Mundi (formerly World Poetic Front Defending Women); World Union of Poets-Orissa, lndia. Recently, she was also added to Creative Writing University of Freiburg ZfS 2009; Kreativ Kappel; World Festival of Poetry—Welcome Poets of the World; and Neruda Literary Club.


Ethel P David is a recipient of PENTASI B LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2017


♪ Ω ★ ☼ ღ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ॐ☨◌ α ∞ ♪


ALL PENTASI B AWARDS (Medals, Trophies, Plaques and or Certificates) that shall be announced in public by PENTASI B shall ONLY be given officially “in person”,

in the presence of our chosen delegates (top caliber and highly respected Poets, Writers and Artists) who shall attest and act as witnesses during the scheduled official ceremony,

and ONLY for those who shall be attending the actual PENTASI B GLOBAL EVENT.

NO PROXY is allowed unless approved in writing and clearly agreed by and between the recipient and the founder (or appointed chairman) of PBWFP. WE DO NOT ISSUE “VIRTUAL CERTIFICATES” NOR “VIRTUAL MEDALS”.

ALL PENTASI B AWARDS are given under an official ceremony, attended, attested, and witnessed by respected, renowned, and credible poets and authorities, and all are fully documented and published in several major newspapers and or legitimate media.


All of the herein submitted biographies, poems and images (profile photos) of authors are subjected to meticulous review, verification, proof reading, continuous edition and conversion into artful and or poetic presentation by pbp admins and staff; The herein trans-visualizations (Designs & layout of Poetographies) are created by PBP for exclusive exhibition here at PBWFP group site; Hard-work and passion to continuously improve our site is a lifetime commitment and dedication.

All rights of the herein following images, designs and layouts are copyrighted, exclusive, and are reserved for and in favor PBWFP;

The author retain his/her exclusive rights over the poems submitted.



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