June 21-International Yoga Day: “Re thinking the Human Being.” / By Susana Roberts

June 21-International Yoga Day: “Re thinking the Human Being.”

Being in a state of Yoga means: inner harmony, concentration, awareness of our being: As human being unique and human being with others in: “Oneness” is to be in state of care with others and the Planet, also feel “Gratitude”. This day the winter solstice, in this part of the southern hemisphere, is a weak and hidden sun, so ,we are connected with the splendid snowy nature, meanwhile sun goes away and is occasion for us to contemplate the inner self with more dedication, we meditate and consequently reflect that the evils of actual times occur because of our excessive demands, and many times by the uncontrolled desire to obtain more and more, to be someone else, internal and external demands.

Let us see the face of love in each one, let us teach the moment to meditate on children, we should not feel that they are a property, but ask ourselves ¿who are they in our lives?, what are their desires?, so is urgent to cultivate that loving “permeable” aspect in them so that, it is sure for them a better future that does not depend exclusively on the outside. From ancient time, ancient cultures, full of traditions knew this knowledge, they “kept” provisions for winter, took to their “Homes” a lot of firewood and food, and the home: “bonfire” became a winter festival full of legends, the diversions in “family” meant that eternal, interior music that flourished by the pores. Time to love our interior, cultivate it with a look of love towards others, like tree does and its sap, and roses with their perfume that do not surrender to the coldest winter. Also, there is a hidden violence that we must banish altogether, and it is influenced by the ego, we respond to it all the time, and not to our pure inner human need.

The chaos in the world needs more and more creative human beings who express their constructive intention that will benefit the people in their daily actions. With their job they will prove to be the human bridge, the most faithful to the spirit, communicating feelings that awaken in others intentions of harmony. It is necessary to create a new frontier, where, including poetry, the demands for human dignity and trans disciplinary talks are not only focused on revealing the crises of contemporary political thought, but also invite us to think about what could mean “human being” in the 21st century.

© Susana Roberts-21/6/17


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