Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Everything Turns Into Love…

‘Fore my dropping tears
They were my friends
Including the ink and a leaf

Now your silky lip
It is my life saver mate
Especially when you kiss me

I still write about love
When everything turns
Into love when I am with you

The flowers and roses
Share a sweet moment
To remind me of your smile

The restaurants and sidewalks
Seems fine but it makes me smile
To recalls me of the memories we had

I found you like a butterfly
Tagging the heartless beings
I caught you so you fly in my heart

I believe you can change me
Turning me young and a lover again
Wishing and making my dreams true

All lovers have spoken out
The language of Romeo and Juliet
Therefore, I will rhymes my love to you

I will smile for your love
I will see for your love
I will live and die and reborn for your love

No matter where we go
The haters will melt away
But never like the way I melt for your nights

I see you nearby me
And I feel missing you already
I cry and hide my tears in your lusty moaning

Our true love will live forever
Help me to see the sun in Baghdad
Before I finish counting all the stars tonight

Will you ever believe that?
I write you with my tears
On the oldest tree, so you appreciate the past

In case if your children
Ask about your love
Tell them that it was so real that died so quickly

Like our first date
From the first kiss into a slap
That arise a well deserved relationship in us two




My Selfishness

Yesterday, you said I love you
And I said I hate you, for no reason
Your smile was a lie to my selfishness

I wish if we have found each other’s
Before we walk barefoot into nowhere
Meeting people that taught us loveless

Our skin is sensitive and able to survive
The same goes to our broken hearts except
We have damaged them by our priceless will

We walked like there’s nothing wrong
I was bleeding silly and uncertain fantasies
While you were crying like the sunset in the fall

You were holding my hand with feelings
And I was running like a heartless prisoner
Unable to describe your miserable emotions

In my mind, there is a weeping woman
She killed me every day when I am grateful
She hold my breath in my dreams till I hurt you

I know for a fact that I am a sinner to hell
Why I feel there’s a rusty chain around me
Stopping my happiness and go stabbing me

I washed your smile with my salty words
Carelessly I spoke about silly and selfish
Truly was hoping to die, and rest from thinking

The wind and the sun were the witnesses
Till we sat down and I felt like a free slave man
Yet, my head was still down the shades of the trees

Your words were the inspiration to look higher
And slowly I started like a bird flying in your cage
With unlock doors and the windows locked down

I asked you to forget about my mind selfishness
You did and I have not forgiven myself since then
I am sorry love, not all wounds could heal bloodlessly.




Tiring Awareness…

I was sorry about yesterday
I was only suffering from
Nobody but my tiring awareness

I have made promises to you
And my heart became harder
Then someone with bloody hands

We walked under the sunset
As if it was the most miserable
Time to confess about my sorrows

Forgive me please please
I walk around the haters and
See nothing but the faces of hopelessness

You say that I’m a good man
I feel the graves are on my case
And the spirits talk about costly anxious

I dreamt about funny nightmares
As if the countries of the gulf are having
Days of terrorist attacks from everywhere

While my mom in Baghdad is crying
And you are trying to pull the trigger
While I’m melting in the hell without a helper

I woke up and everything was a song
As if I am singing songs of the devil
And forget the songs of love I wrote you before

Now I will run faster than my weeping eyes
Hugging you till you smile like a new born baby
Breath till I feel like a drunk of your sweet scent to me





O Noemi, I love you
You are the birth of
Yearnings to love you

Will you believe my verses?
We both know I’m nobody
But a coworker at work

You are the peace I dreamt of
Back in the days of the wars in
My homeland and my life here

In you more and more in your eyes
I see a brighter moments coming up
Even I hear the joys of our marriage

The ring of your mother is the end
To play games in my drunk journey
Now that we are together I’m happy

I wish you nothing but true loves
And more smiles so when I kiss you
I taste what I have missed years ago

Think of me more than a boyfriend
Jude me harshly with heartless rules
For you everything it’s fine even death

Don’t take my tears and pour them to
Your darkness and light me in sorrows
Instead wipe my tears and kiss me softly

The boat will never sink as long as
You are holding my hands to live with
A hope to have you as wife and motherland

The sun goes down generally
The moon appears romantically
While we are making love painfully

Shut me up if I ever try to break you down
And scratch more of your nails on my back
Therefore I enjoy the pain of missing you for days

Your love can never sweet dreams nor
A bitter taste of morning roaster coffee
Without a sugar of your lips ‘fore the kiss

I might be not be the man you dreamt about
And truth hurts to hear it from someone like you
Therefore, I will always love you till the last breathe

You are sleeping next to me like a little angel
While I’m writing songs and drinking white wine
Still smiling like tonight will be the greatest of all

Will this summer be the greatest of all the times
Will Christmas be warmer and more than colourful
Will Valentine be the witness to confess my love for you

Will I be the tree with all the seasons fully green
And not a piece of flying autumn leaf by your house
If I miss you then I might be crying like if we are faraway

Your love Noemi is my life sweetest addiction
Your kiss Noemi is my daily greatest diabetes
Doctors said that I should just love you so much better




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