Poems by Opal Ingram

Poems by Opal Ingram
Sullivan Place
She stood
In a circle
of a pattern twisted
the thread hung loose
with out a doubt.
A miss and a Diss
She walked like she
did not care at all.
She was lost never to found
Until one day
She found another placs
Sullivan Place.
The Jersey Beat
The trees stood in a bunch
It was bright , the sunset
the waves held a beat,
The sun set so slow
it took my breath away,
the Sun going into the water
it was so beautiful
the waves held
a beat.
Sitting on the edge
I sat on the edge
and watch the sun
In a glare
I felt chemistry drawn
In to nature
I glance at the moon
It glittered
I felt peace like no other
I said a utterance of a prayer
of protection
I felt a piece
like no other
sitting on the edge
nature stood still
I felt an energy.

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