Poems by Bam Dev Sharma 

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma 



Like a passer-by
On the bank of river
Counting waves
One by one:
Which play push and pull
Of swirling water
We trifle with mercurial dreams
That persist
With some revelations
As engraved
In Twilight
As pungent as
Fecund sirens.

But these ephemeral dreams
Into dawn’s glimmer
Soaked by virulent soil
With marked calyx of fate
Like a slithering snake
Entering the bush…

Widening roads
Wait speckled days
Floating across
Like soft and smooth
In guise
Converged into diurnal chores
Beyond the whir
Of cicada
Across blocks of ice
Embracing wallowing rays!

Copyright By
Bam Dev Sharma
June 22, 2017



Most often
we become effigies
of fabricated whims
which confine us
into captivity
self singing:
intonation of success
and failure
that hurl like
multi-headed hydra
brandishing in whim.

And we see our faces
on the
culpable mirrors
and grudge
whole life
that we are uttely
due to fickle destiny.

But our eyes
are always festooned with
wily dreams
that hang over
an illusive tower
and we become crumpled
like a log
to be ready
to be swept
in the river
of destiny!

Bam Dev Sharma
(Revived with after thought)
June 21,2017



Two pigeons on the roof make
an amorous dance
The sky and the moon
pose furtive glance.

The heart is frill
lost in joy
Life is nothing
but a playful toy.

What a time
as if full of grace
Pleasant dreams
are in golden trace.

Mesmerized am I
to be clasped in bliss
What else more to seek
in this worldly fleece!

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma
University teacher, poet
18 June, 2017


Singing for the Moon

An innocent night
clasps me
as a fast companion
when the twilight gleam is faltering
towards the west.

I am eased
with its caress
and whispers
when my
my febrile dreams
like chilly breeze
through foliage
and my pensive heart
like an orphan child
wanders and meanders
fireflies of the mind
for a blissful bloom
itching wounds
of brazen times
for a joyful spring
of happiness.

Trickling down is
the morning dew
the brightly- lit sky
for mesmerizing dawn
to sow seeds of love
in the luscious soil
for the coy flower girls
to reap
singing for the moon!

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma
June 6, 2017


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