Poems by Surbhi Anand

Poems by Surbhi Anand
Billowing in his breeze
Loving dose
Till paramount thinking I’m
Can’t down !
I’m in entincing dress
When his smile flowering petals
I’m in scarlet to be !
Randomly, his remembering
Pace with my works,
It seems….
I’m not blantantly
He has had laid
As far as, my heart-sheet,
Was bound to be love” !
©®surbhi anand.
A bitchy thought you are
Yes! my eyes sharpen
Yes! my face structure scrons you
Yes! you are be so bias
Black out thought for me,
Yes! whenever you moves
A black look situation scatters….
In front of my eyes,
Now, waiting for bide my time,
So, I bewitch myself with pearl words
Viz! having own book !
©®surbhi anand.
Perhaps my morning started
Dawn light sprinkles his ray
Every atmosphere things
That, scarlet rays referred
His motive,
O! having bloom morning
All nearly, you are!
As priest, I underwent to the you
Because, you are be so,
Have been eternity-reality”!
©®surbhi anand.

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