Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S

Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S
The wind blows
The wind of change onward
The whirlwind of life and death
Blowing as the rhyme spinning
Gentle breeze comfort my flesh
While hurricane broke my bone
Flowing freely to all directions
To the unknown destination stired
Unseen, but I can feel it
Bringing smile and tears
Unpredictable and odorless
Dancing on air in silence
Suddenly the horror music singing
The storm rebell in darkness
I spread my wings… flying high
As Eagle on high, above the sky
Chasing the wind, escape from cage
To find my new dream land…
To be free; wherever I go
As long the wind beneath my wings!
© pantas p sitompul™
If God is love…
We as His perfect creation
should be in love for others
as for ourselves!
Cause our spirit
is a part of Him through Adam – our earthly first father!
In our blood;
should flowing
the genetic of love… !
For The Lord –
is – our heavenly Father;
and we – as
His offspring – by spirit!
© pantas p. sitompul ®
When my voice unheard
Let my pen speaks
Let my pen crying in darkness
Crying loudly over the entire world…
What for… we live?
If peace just become a night dream
Not dwelled in our heart
If guns speak louder than morality
If ego much stronger than a coral
If religion only a routine ritual?
As a human…
We have born in love
And, peace is our hope
In peace, there is love
In love, there is peace
Love and peace should be closely
Never be separated, in a distance
Though the whole world in yours
Without peace and love, you have died
Epitaph have buried deeply in your heart
You’ll never find the rest of your soul…
We need peace for today, for all
Now and then, and forever!
© pantas p. sitompul™

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