Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
“Come into my arms !”
There are some arms that are like forbidden fruit
Wide open for you to huddle into
Warm enough to caress away your blues
Soft enough to fondle the creases on your forehead
Strong enough to keep you safe from blistering horrors
Tough enough to let you lean far back
Large hearted arms that make place for you
Alas they reside in a foggy space
Somewhere between the hills of monsoon green
Carefully covered with your crepe de chine dupatta
Tucked away in your ruminating brain
Chewing cud in bovine oblivion
Copyright Lily Swarn 25.6.2017
Your care !
Only those who care deeply
Have the right to show annoyance
Swathed in long silences
Garbed in child like indifference
Pretending you don’t exist
Avoiding your distant eyes
The Cosmos shares your care
Which seeps through the sundry summer
It reaches me in waves of gentle sodden breezes
It swells the swollen stream that monsoon rains are feeding
It calls out to me in silent balmy nights
In the call of the Chakor and the plaintive sleepy Koel
I know you are wondering which colour I am wearing
Or has the jasmine creeper that snuggles in my yard
Blossomed with the fragrance of a million casks of love
Or the tiny rose bush that flowers with a theatrical show of fire
Perfumed the scented garden with vials full of ittar
For only those who care deeply
Have the right to show annoyance
Copyright Lily Swarn 27.6.2017

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