Poems by Edmond Shallvari / Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola

Poems by Edmond Shallvari
The human soul
The human soul exceeds season’s time
Season’s views the human soul exceeds
It happens to put Sahara under wintertime
Each of Earth’s poles under Sahara winds.
The human soul exceeds every tiny grain
Each universe the human soul exceeds
It happens to take God’s name in vain
To change Itself into God, it speeds.
The human soul exceeds itself, too
As much as to leave itself a soulless faint
As much as bones to consume through
As much as to turn the man into a Saint.
The human soul, is the Angel and Devil
It can either raise the world or topple.
Having filled my pockets with void,
I shop from an empty market there;
My bag of emptiness is overflowing,
The rest with hungry dogs I share.
Bear’s monologue
Woke up from my lethargic sleep,
People haven’t got up yet;
For a year they eye-opened sleep,
The next year eye-closed in coma get.
A long time ago I envied them,
They didn’t know bear’s lethargy;
I used to say, “I wish I were a man!”
Today I say, “I’ve no twinge of envy!”
I’m your love
Never been afraid, you’d love someone else
Another Sun for Earth, I believe is easier
Or the Moon to spin around the universe
And seasons to season, each a thousand years.
Never please myself, creating trust in mind
Building confidence, is a simple credit
Didn’t ask for love, turning an eye blind
Love herself gave birth, to my twin loved spirit.
Where you are alone, surrounded by eyes
And romantic poets, tempt you by their verses
There every woman, today’s wooed crosswise
You turned Penelope, teased by tens of princes.
Lucky as Odyssey, like Penelope’s your fate, too
Near or away, you be from me, my love is for you.
Translation from Albanian into English
By Alfred Kola

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