Poems by Marcela Villar M

Poems by Marcela Villar M



Is there light at the end of tall windows
Or is it that by evening all quiets down
All sings silences
All becomes alive
The next morning


© Marcela Villar M. USA. 2017.



I have seen that goodness
sometimes comes wrapped in a box of cereal,
or dancing in the legs of juicy chicken thighs.
It’s unexpected and revolutionary, with such words as: “I have some extra bread I baked, would you like some?”
It appears in the soft justice of candles. In sweet milk, crunchy apples and crocheted doilies.
I have seen the most heroic acts of kindness born from the heart.
Not imposed, not as a goal to be kind and humane.
Just happening.
So simple and quiet.
And in my life — always-always — when I need it most.

©All rights reserved. Marcela Villar M. 2017.



Is peace blue?
Like when water gathers
in your eyes
as tears,
as dreams?

I wonder.

© All rights reserved. Author Marcela Villar M. 2017


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