Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad



The deep blue sky was looking still like a painted mirror reflecting the azure blue sea!
The envious clouds ran helter skelter in caravans carrying loads of water in pots!
The black cranes crossed the sky meadows like v shaped arrows released from rainbows! 
Dragonflies and swallows formed moving dots on the looming dark slate of approaching night!

The unbearable sultry weather was simmering like desert grouse feather,
Cumulonimbus clouds now and then coughed like asthmatic sheep in smother!
As the night progressed wheezing winds began hitting the trees and window panes!
The verdant trees and vines looked at the sea bellowing from the deep blue planes!

The first few drops hit the earth like hot irons in the waters of an ironsmith’s forge,
Soon the drizzle covered the ground like a wet blanket and the petrichor made its surge!
The sea roared and the storm winds lashed the trees and the birds shivered in their nests!
The lightning danced in irregular patterns while thunders bolted like gazelle on dry twigs!

Further in the night the puddles joined into noisy streams and reached shallow lakes,
Welcomed by the waiting frogs celebrating wedding feasts by spawning on water cakes!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 6.8.2017



Then you looked at me with those piercing looks that made rents in my heart
I was bleeding profusely inside and tears of blood found an outlet in my eyes hurt,
The scorching tears were streams that burnt our memory woods like forest fire high,
I HATE YOU, i hate you, i hate you …you were crying and i was wondering WHY? why? why?

You never gave me an answer and left me with a huff leaving me, a bundle of sorrows!
I never forgive those moments of treachery time played against me with many arrows!
Yes! You were waiting for me at your window like a turtle-dove with sounds of pristine love!
My whole family was serious about the recent feud with your parents about an old mangrove!

Those were the days, parents decided every thing in terms of family honour!
They closed our windows and doors, and put us on time trains that ran in opposite manner!
You moved to west and started loving east and i stayed in east and was looking up to west!
In the middle of a life’s jam in this airport we again met, do we know what happens next?

We both have to go to the same place, the Eden we built with our own imagination plough!
Who cares about the lost decade? When our hearts in unitone crying love, love, and LOVE!

(We looked at each other with those searching looks that healed the rents in our hearts,
We were smiling profusely and our tears of joy found an outlet in our eyes of love arts!)

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 6.8.2017


Hell walk!

When angels go for walk
Devil follow mum!
When devil follows angels
God looks at man!
When man looks at angels
He follows the devil!
God saves angels
And leaves man to devil!

Why heaven looks dull and monotonous?
Why hell attracts with added bonus?
Before the advertisement of Satan
God and nature looks pale and tan!

In the advertisement of heaven
All souls wear angels white!
In the billboards of hell haven
All souls wear vivid colours bright!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 6.8.2017


One thought on “Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

  1. Dr. Prasad’s poems leave a mystic impression while subjects of his narrative are from everyday life. The rain, the pangs of seperatipn, the deep seated fears in man’s frail conscious of guilt and a desire to live with the evil are dealt so deftly in free flowing poems. His poems enchant and also mystify.

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