Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro
Whoever wants to die before his time
is not in love. How can it be so true
For someone who has seen
both sides of the coin from the same distance!
War and peace, no matter –
You can’t afford to be slipped over.
So much to feel within, so much to feel
for, so much to feel genuine. Yet you
look for the end in itself?
Deep intimate theories invading
the nights for passion and longing-
never switch over to nothingness.
Yet you realized few voids in between the lines,
not for any specific purpose
but as the inherent norms!
So much to rejoice, so much to prove,
so much to fulfil. Around every single
moments of time and dream.
The letters of love may collapse one day.
May even change every connotation-
We achieved so far, still I’ll be their
Waiting for the touch, even from the
one who wants to put the final break
before his time. In angst.
I am the only one, all alone
With none to be substituted.
I am the solace of the sufferers
Everywhere around everything.
I know the secret numbers
To unlock the mind.
I know the dark chamber
Of the soul in eternity.
I overwhelmed the waves of
Our history, surviving along
The time scale of nuisance
Standing erect over the debris
Of beliefs from the time past
To the time future.
Circling Around all the lost hopes.
For I alone know the secret.
Beneath the surface reality
And above the virtual designs
Of hopes and aspirations.
Of anguish and humiliation.
I’m the sole witness from the beginning-
Of the story to the never ending
Rituals of Eternity, day in and
Day out. All around the inside.
Stars will fade out. Time will Pass.
Life will stop crying for-
The first breath of the fresh- Dawn.
Yet I will be there.
For you, for you alone in a
Lonely world of peace and trust.
For the poetry of love-
Just in two eyes. For my birth!

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