Poems by Susanta Halder

Posted on August 12, 2017


Poems by Susanta Halder
The glasses I used to wear
Had never been broken,
The handkerchief so fondly I carried,
Been wet to the brine it had soaken.
Woaken, broken and for the mischief
Of my faithful dreams, ruptured were my sleep,
Why then I had to bear them,
The care of pain, you showered on my creep?
All were so symmetric and synchronized,
Concealed well within the comfier of my whim,
Wrapped in my golden foil of perfection
All the agonized drudgery and scream.
They were well hidden behind the smiles,
The glasses were for that reason worn,
Nothingness were meant for me only,
And the robe you clad on me, had been torn.
It was not a mistake on your part
To think I could bear them all for you,
And play on the same harp perpetually
When, I was chosen amongst the destined few.
I had to bear them to the fullest
As you knew I was cultured to do so,
And proved the conjectures you made
That suffering to the infinity should I go.
I must prove you right all along the way,
I must be righteous to the kindness once shown,
Futurity of my pain has been a book open to all
Only to you, it had neven been known.
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf.
Midnight Train!
I saw you there at the midnight train:
Resting your head over a shoulder
Were you asleep all along the journey,
Or trying to avoid a nearer beholder?
I beheld at you from a distance near,
Distant enough to count at you for a glance,
You remained silent without a blink
Lest it should struck you of the lost romance.
With patience I observed every nook,
Every corner of your edgeless face,
Aged it grew with mature serenity though,
There was nothing that could belittle your grace.
I fumbled at that moment and thought
How all the changes you had undergone,
What made you forget the gone by
When I hadn’t been told how to move on.
Yet, we moved away and drifted apart
For that we had no one to blame
It was for all that had gone with the passages
The shoulder of your rest not remained the same.
Midnight train brought us together
Once again, we could feel each other’s presence,
Oblique, opaque and your ignoring eyes never told
I was forgotten at the time of my absence!
I had to send you off when my journey ended,
Silently, I stepped down from the train,
I never looked back at you, as I knew
A pair of eyes were staring at me in disdain.
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf
You can cut all the flowers
But can’t stop spring from coming,
It will come on its turn
And the bees are there for humming.
Seasonal disparity I have seen
With the unknown swap of its aura,
Featured in to its featureless agonies
Pining to welcome an amora.
Oracle of the spring, can you hear!
In its wind and in the poem,
I shall lie lest you should shy,
And if you ruin, at my wane.
Mangrove, lichen and one such smell
With tedious company of your loss,
Haze and mist were gone with the winter
To welcome a spring of all flaws.
I once crumbled at its early onset
Of all its seasonal frugality of heft,
Coarse and cowardice of spring came
And reminded me where we had been left-
It’s approaching near and is nearing fast now
Though you can not halt its progress,
I may try and make you feel it again,
The singularity of our distress.
Dubious you are still to think
That sping can help you out of the pain,
When certainty of mine is prevalent in you
How can you then forge your domain?
Be it in the domain of your heart
Or in the cleaves of your homely head,
Spring won’t recover you from there
As you know I’m not yet dead.
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf.
Perennial Hatred.
Monsoon is over, and I thought
Hatred between us is over as well;
But, you vowed to give it a new life-
Till then, it is to supress and to quell.
I received hatred for all my caring,
For my praises to your laughter,
Hatred was shown in reciprocity of love,
Shown to one who always looked you after.
Monsoon! how I wish you come (back) soon,
Though months are slow to pass and come;
Hatred over hatred are being piled up,
And seeds for more are yet to be sown.
They will grow during the year’s span,
And will shape and sprout as perennial,
But, how I want to make an end of it
And hope, some day you would be congenial.
Alas! I was a fool to think so
That some day you will love me;
My conscience confuted me and told:
Once you’re hated..hated you’ll always be…
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf.
Web of lies
Despondent night shook the foliage
at my feet-
the ground beneath me remained calm,
the canopy of the fermanent,
the rustic shore
that were left with few sparks
to witness a dawn with me
and to withhold you,
until I do abjure.
I had forsworn, as I knew
truths must drag the night
and make it long,
I might succumb to them
at any such time
when we’re not required to engage
in praises, upon each other,
when the night was at its peak
and the web of lies were at their throngs..
It was over- the night of lies;
I lied with the aim of a gain,
and to win you-
yet, nothing was won,
and the plights remained the same;
when, moist with the dews of all calm
I stood abandoned with the foliage
those were ignorant of the dawn.
Once a lie, shall remain a lie,
one or many,
they can’t be condoned;
you might ignore the love behind those lies
which were told knowingly
at the time when the foliage fell,
and when they fell at dark
to decorate a ground at dawn,
but to the trees they won’t return;
as were the lies
that saved me for the night,
and that accepted you
without a promise or delight..
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf