Poems by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

Poems by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar


My love

My love is an eternal presence
With a heart and soul
Dancing afar
In very good spirits
Beyond the passionate shores
Of romantic life
Anchored in grounded reality.

Hence no beauty as such
To show to the staring eyes
Of the relative world;
Or to sow the selfish seeds
Of earthly aspirations
For the sweet or sour fruition.

My soul has its own world
Of intimate rendezvous,
Unconfined, and free
From all the social mores
And their long enslaving chains.

My heart resides with hers
In silent communion
In cosy cocoon of peace and love.

Let the fire of love flare
To illuminate life everywhere
Be it here, there or somewhere…


Nature Through Five Senses

Engulfed everywhere
In hard stink of naked realities
Of the ruthless world
Heart takes his nose to the bower
Ever young, rich and vibrant
With the beauty of pied flowers;
Their sweet fragrance
Brings glittering smiles on lips
And leaps of joy in bosom,
Eyes are filled with love’s juice
Ears realize the value
Of chirrups of green trees
In the embrace of gurgling brooks,
Leaves happily hail
And kiss the ensnared heads
Who romance with Divine;
Their souls find oneness with God
Through Nature’s variegated beauty.



Eternal friendship
With the meditating sky
Our brooding earth boasts of the bond…

Many a friend
Come in our life from everywhere
Some go off, while some stay with us forever…

Our friendship
Deep, true and endearing
Lets peace, calm and comforts abound in life…

Bonds of friendship
Test our friends in times of crisis
A true friend is he who turns rolling tears into smiles…



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