Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Blissful birth is meant for marvellous mirth
Let us cherish each moment without dearth
Love can be a scintillating spring of rapture
We all have joy in abundance in our capture

Moments can be made joyously momentous
Glowing with grandeur strikingly.splenderous
Living in the fist of optimist is a crust of.trust
Enlivened with enormous ecstasy as a must

Elegance enriches our enthralling enthusiasm.
Energising all existence with opulent optimism
We feel festivity forgetting the time of captivity
Securing stupendous success with our nobility

Let us allow our odyssey to be on reigning ride
Perceiving with preponderance prominent pride
Lives lustrous with liveliness ennoble loveliness
Pervading peerlesdly in final forms in loneliness

Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved 



I progress with all perspectives at pace
To realise deserving dreams with grace
Optimism optimises ultimate opulence
Nurturing notion of nobility in elegance

My arduous odyssey has its destination
The course devised reaches culmination
It often depends on illustrious inclination
Fuelling.priprity–propelled determination

We should brave risks to sweeten living
Hoping to accelerate all pace of thriving
Life can be a never-ending sweet dream
Relishable in moments as a rare stream

Let us undertake noble tasks for our glory
Weaving.a stupendously scintillating story
Our real stories speak of human revolution
Bringing era of peace with a noble mission

Manthena Damodara Chary. 
All rights reserved



India is not in essence a piece of earth
It represents a sea of marvellous mirth
Tradition has its reputedly robust roots
Facilitating us well with felicitous fruits

Culture nurtures its sustenable structure
Filling magnanimous minds with rapture
We are not affected by reign of religions
We notice the Omnipresent in all regions

Our scriptures speak of all eternal truths
Nourishing the mind to rise above myths
Spiritual matters are not called mysteries
When people can make glorious histories

We never represent caste colour.and creed
We always feel that we are of human breed
We sow on the soil of mind humanity’s seed
Without fostering perverse passion of greed

M. K.Gandhi propounded the theory of peace
His theory.acquired prime prominence at pace
The world embraced lofty ideals for emulation
His loftiness brought him.worldwide reputation

India’s real secularism is greeted with optimism
Promoting great souls’ vision of rare humanism
Dwelling diversity has room for unique.oneness
Sustaining the spirit with its enlivening essence

Manthena Damodara Chary 
All rights reserved



When I discern with delight blissful birds
My mind overflows with wealth of words
The poet internal awakens to excellence
Penning. poems in peerless prominence

Genuine joy generates glowing grandeur
Stimulating strikingly stunning splendour
Nature displays gleefully gorgeous dance
Capturing sight with enraptured elegance

Let us pour forth full-throated glory in life
To lead all lives in liveliness without strife
Let us keep our hearts warm to gain calm
We can grapple with a crisis with aplomb

Positivity is intended for personal growth
Negativity can be nullified by solemn oath
We seek to grow with glow of imagination
Facilitating odyssey towards culmination

Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved

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