Series #21 / Ade Caparas

Ade Caparas


Series #21 

i am a dot; a rubber balloon, i blow in air, not too sure how it will form, the style the beauty the life… in its process, it either goes bigger or recedes, but with proper supervision care balance, it could turn into a perfect balloon, though unsure of its lifetime!

over a cup of coffee… often i wonder
what is life?�
the ticking times�
the alternating sunrises and sunsets�
brightness and darkness�
failures and triumphs�
day after day after day
�in search of what…
�i’m not sure… yet i go on!

zozo, my new pet baby chihuahua, is 3 month old… he has that never ending search for something to chew things to pieces; some of his victims are my philosophy book covers… quite an intelligent chooser… his victims: Roland Barthes and Jean Paul Sartre, most probably zozo got the soul of Voltaire, because these two philosophers have been criticising him so much!

as i have mentioned before, our immortal soul wouldn’t just be wandering in cosmos, i believe soul after the body death, get into another physical body… stone pebble sand rock; tree flower fruit; butterfly beetle cockroach mosquito fly; mountain river sea; dog cat horse, or another human life, etcetera,… depending on how one has to do some kind of reparation restitution to serve justice… these transformed souls still carry their previous setbacks, which eventually would have to be gotten over with, because, until one has perfected himself, he will not be situated to the forever peaceful beautiful immortal life, we call heaven or in my new version, the heavenly moon; because life on earth would be meaningless… we wouldn’t have the initiative to search for our life’s essence… it would be an anarchic world!

in the morning
sunlight forces its way through my curtains
i feel its nearness:
it’s the warmth of coffee on my first sip
lining my throat, opens my soul.

it’s lavender scents
in my bubble bath
kissing my skin, a gentle trigger for my spirit
it’s the mirror that reflects my beauty
boosts my plan ahhhhhhhh… a fantasy!

a never ending process of my life
makes me a continuous piece of art
i plunge to weariness joy intoxication victory
creating musical notes of my life
the rocks the ocean the sky the wind the dusts!

inner insecurities bind me now and then
yet always, in my sleep, in my weary state,
in search again… in wander again… where to LIFE?
wake me, oh sunlight
i, with my coffee lavender scent mirror!

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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