Poems by Teresinka Pereira ( President- IWA)

Poems by Teresinka Pereira ( President- IWA)
No flowers in the garden,
red moon,
eyes looking at
the empty world.
The statue of Liberty
shrouded in the photo…
My mind is scattered
trying to renounce
what was lived.
En vez del llanto
celebrando el triunfo
de la poesía,
de la palabra esencial
con vida eterna.
El diálogo es posible
dentro del ser humano,
con respuestas
en confirmación
¡ de que estamos
Em vez de lamentar
celebrando o triunfo
da poesia,
da palavra essencial
com vida eterna.
O dialogo é possível
dentro do ser humano,
com respostas
em confirmação
de que estamos

2 thoughts on “Poems by Teresinka Pereira ( President- IWA)

  1. your poem STRESS was translated to the Hebrew language. if you want to see it’ please send me your mail address / yours, Anatol

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