A write up about Poet Ravi Ranganathan
Ravi Ranganathan , though a great lover of poetry had to take to Banking for a career. Used to write free verses in his younger days. Some of his earlier poems were published in the English monthly magazine “The Mirror”.
In a sense a late bloomer as he took to serious poetry writing only after his retirement from service in 2012, but the bloom is rich and hue some, with varied colours as his muse frequently takes fancied detours.
All his poems regularly posted in his Timeline and various Poetry pages in the Net are well appreciated. He has won the ‘best romantic poet’ award in the competition conducted by “Wings of Poesy” Poetry Page. He is one of the winners of the poetry competition for the 5th Rabindranath Tagore Award – International conducted by “ Poiesisonline.com”. He has contributed to many anthologies of poetry and has been the winner in many competitions. He has to his credit a book with a collection of his own poems entitled “Lyrics of Life” by Xpress publications.
He lives a contented life at Chennai, happy with himself and his Muse.
Bursting at the seems, pregnant with rain
the clouds went home in pain:
Blazed a beautiful trail, its rage
an assortment of coloured camouflage.
The winds did little to
distract or devour its downpour…..
Me in quest of cloudless climes
beseeched the roving caravan
promised the Moon
hastened its sojourn,
upturned its trajectory ,
cast a spell of reverie…..
Heeding my distress call
pushed to the wall
in sync with tuneless thunder,
the clouds were torn asunder…
Glory to the rain bearing wonder,
You heeded to your
worshipper’s quaint gnome..
I salute the precious moments
When the clouds came home…
Am so perplexed, not knowing
I owe so much to you….
That blade of grass gloats,
This cheery flower commutes
It is the caress of your comfort
in them that floats,
your invisible steps that roots..
You are the shadow in my path
treading gently,decisively
in unobtrusive aftermath …
A special someone who cares,
creeping unmitigatingly
in all my thought movements. .
I would ever give up the world
if only you are fully encased in me…
My dawn and the misty dew
my sunlight usurped by you.
Dear friend, how will I ever prove
your lingering mystical presence ,
how will I ever unsluice the floodgates ,
as I lovingly reminisce you in your absence ?…
BEWARE( Musings at Marina Beach)
The waves died at my feet
like love’s languishing desires.
Immeasurable, magnificent
though only droplets of water!
Not even the slippery sands
below my feet
checking my urge to delve deep…
deeper and deeper into thoughts
that have made these Oceans
by minds in languages
that decimate one another.
Deep blue expanse,
a mighty Universal frame;
Uproarious waves mocking
at a human specie
claiming to command the World.
Uncontrollable sea, be not proud..
this shuddering exposure
of my littleness,
my offspring will inherit !
@ Ravi Ranganathan

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