Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Strange, angry words
Blank face of night
Voiceless dark mists…
Memories break through

Escape,get lost
Insane angry words
Angry wild flowers
Unspoken love

You desire me
Sharing of dreams…
Running into memories
Disobedient fractured night

Silently you gave in to me
To my desire
Faithless sensuous moon
Peeps into broken window pane…

And gently, dancing in your eyes,,,,,,,,,,,

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra..Aug,13, 2017, Kolkata, India



In your eyes gypsies dance……
passionless face hidden by hills….a mad man walking
where shores are invisible
passionless painlove is again a question
on the sea shore, a broken leaf kissed by wild wind
moving from dune to dune tonight

a strange woman is singing in the mist

(C) asoke kumar mitra, India, Kolkata, 23-06-2016 ;



where the water lily bloom?
asked a blind man
a strange darkness engraved in the silence of eyes…

in this lonely hour of evening
in this empty living room
dangling moon and evening flowers
frozen shadows
unending quest

there is silence,complete silence

madness returns at the stroke of midnight
as damp moon in the barren sky………

(C) Asoke kumar mitra,2017,Kolkata, India

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