Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


When in your arms

Oh let it be.. let winter come
It doesn’t matter when in your arms
Wind will blow, clouds get dark
But deep in me, your touch will stark

I don’t care about season’s game
Weather can play it back..all the same
Seasons of life are in the heart
From inner core, creation and art

In your garden I am just a tree
Waiting for love to set me free
Regadless of winds and clouds
Moments of clarity are all around. .

Love is the creation story
It springs flowers..green..and glory
Awakes nature..smiles and dreams
Fills the soul with divine streams.


Lines on my page

-1 Sailing in life’s ocean
Heading toward divine lights
Future hiding in silent motions
Faraway Rainbow ‘s melting colors
Rippling on face….enchanting sights…

-2 between a wave and another
Between the moment and the one after
I loose you ..and find you back
Like a moon light on a river
Like…heart beats .penned in a letter….

-3 Get closer..just let us be
Scrolling waves between shores
A warming tide..a loving sea
Realm of magic..beckenned from Core…

By Hana Shishiny


For brighter days

Sliding in the valley of silence
Echoing my mute inner screams
Journeying toward a peace intense 
Where hearts lead with hopes and dreams
Running of the sadness of human plight
Blinding eyes of beauty’s being
With killings..and hatred in affective sights..

What are we..what could I be
But drops in the human sea
With all of you…we create motions
If waves are of love and fraternity
A peaceful calm flows.. of soft emotions…

Why those storms of hatred should explode
The peace of love has a divine road
How could hearts mislead the way
A global brotherhood is the loving wind
covering the cacophony of human minds
Hand in hand ..we reach the redemption
To hopefully dreamed of brighter days…

By Hana Shishiny
August 2017


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