“MY LOVE SOUL EXISTENCE” (a new book started) / Ade CAPARAS



“MY LOVE SOUL EXISTENCE” (a new book started)

“my life is empowered by my thoughts
my thoughts are empowered by my imaginations
my imaginations are empowered by actual realities
realities which i agree or don’t agree.”
_ade c.
28 august 2016 sydney nsw australia

my waking hours
my sleeping hours
are both dreams
a kind of magical incantation
fated to birth my thoughts
what i desire
to a goal that i can
own it possess it control it
to the ultimate of my pleasure!

the infant i was
that imperious victories triumphs
get my needs my wants my desires
from my crib
a unique existence
unknowing, unplanned
i learned i have
a weapon
my loud cry!

as an infant
i think not… plan not decide not
feel… smell… taste
are all i have
hearing seeing thinking are nil!
in my growing formative years
my thoughts developed…
learning thinking choosing
become added weapons!

an adult now… on my senior age
after all the loves of my life
the zig-zags bumps humps
i failed and won… i won and failed
my love soul existence means only one thing
it’s wonderful to dream and accomplish
it’s a beautiful pleasurable world to have fulfilled…
yet nothing is ever complete… there’s always a vacuum
only, ahhhhhhhhh… only My GOD can bestow!

sunday 8:22pm 28 august 2016
sydney nsw australia


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