A SUMMER EVE / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



It’s evening and the weather is mild
the sky full of bright stars
that seem to dance
to the sound of a distant music
the full moon radiates
beams of a white light
and the scent from the fields
comes light
caressing my cheeks
enveloping me
in a tender embrace
I can hear a radio playing
while a dog slowly goes
wagging its tail
the lights of the houses
tell of men
of their lives
their loves
and worries
all is quiet around
also the leaves are resting tired
of the morning chirping of the birds
among their blossoming branches
people are getting ready to their rest
and with them nature
from the quiet sea
small boats slowly find their way back
to the shore
the silence now a celestial tune
Man One with the earth
with the sky the oceans
and me One with the universe.

@ Maria Miraglia

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