Poems by Paullyn Sidhu

Poems by Paullyn Sidhu


Still Butterfly

A still butterfly,
I saw on glass.

A still butterfly,
It had true class.

A still butterfly,
Did not trespass.

A still butterfly,
Beauty in surplus.

A still butterfly,
On pane, not grass.

A still butterfly,
Ignoring the brass.

A still butterfly,
Is still a butterfly!

Copyright 2017 Paullyn Sidhu


Inglorious Bastards!

O these inglorious bastards!
Be off with them,
Skin them, feed to buzzards!
Be rid of scum!

O these bastards, inglorious!
Feed them lies.
Spay them, be ever victorious!
No tears; no cries!

Copyright 2017 Paullyn Sidhu



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