Poems by Muhammad Azram

Poems by Muhammad Azram
The Morning Bliss
O my beloved
Lets open ourselves
To morning bliss
For the unique tastes of verve
Lets walk with morning breeze
Coming straight from the heaven
Lets inhale all freshness
Before inferno of the day
Simmer it into deleterious day
Lets listen to serenity
And songs of the nature
Before nature relent to noisy day
Lets see true colors of light
And prisms of nature
Reflecting and projecting
True colors of light and nature
Lets walk my beloved
With a Moring bliss
Hand in hand, step with step
Inhaling the fragrance of dawn
On a green grass, kissing morning dew
Tasting every pearl with bare foot
Lets walk with morning bliss
To taste our love with morning delight
And taste candid life with eternal bliss
O blooming Lotus
Blossoming in cozy vicinity
Of pure stream, beside meadow
Between green buildings of trees
Neither the dynamics
Of streaming melodies
Push me far from allure
Nor the stillness of dead night
Keeps me quiet from the vim
Versatility carries enough
To please my breathing spirit
But, listen, Let me tell you
Truth of my ruling Inner Bliss
I discern the art; to live and flourish
From you; O blooming Lotus
Wondered on the dexterity
You grow on muddy and filthy
Patch of water, you dance and salute
And edify beauty and verve
To earn real and true aptitude
I travel far from frantic life
Sit on green carpet of grass under shades
Whilst listening to music and quietness
Of versatile surrounding and nature
For long and quiet hours I watch and observe
The real art of life you transmit and prosper
O my beloved!
You know what it savors?
When I convene bliss in you
Surrender to emotions;
Travel from me to you
And I dive deep within me to reach you
That very moment surmounts me
On the concealed cosmic horizon
Where, I stand tall on cosmic ecstasy
And Cosmo lays down unique patterns
Of life, flowing right under my eyes
Unique and peerless patterns of life
Where, everything tastes like subliminal bliss
Light, colors, feelings, fragrance and melodies
O my beloved! When ecstasy rules
Listen to call of my inner delight
When I surrender to me and you
And stand tall on the cosmic horizon
From there on, I feel new life
Flowing parallel to my awareness
Where fleeing time stops
And let my emotions stream from it
Where mammoth space shrinks
And let my imaginations to envelop it
From there I embark upon new elation
On the wings of subliminal Cosmo
Accumulate real bliss of living time
And taste moment of Eternity within mortality
I travel far and across;
Within a finite known,
And to an infinite unknown
A very complex expedition;
Within infinite layers of finite,
And to finite layers of infinite
The journey within limits;
Limits me on to my limited known,
And journey beyond my limits
Takes me to enormity of unknown
Where, what I am thinking now
Definitely unknown to my little known
But my known is feeling so blessed
In peaceful palms of a greater unknown
O my Dear Lord
The One and the Only
The Lord of Universe
The Majesty
And the Al-Mighty
Knower of all;
The Known and Unknown
Lord of all Wisdom
The wisdom that is static
With the balance of Universe
And dynamic wisdom
Flowing with infinite Cosmo
My Dear Lord! I see nothing
Overruling Your laid Paths and rules
The space and the time
All between space and time
With in life nature too has no vim
To over-rule the duties you assign
Helping and obeying titivated life
To balance creativity and creations
Sometime we do observe severe reactions
From the nature, but they are reactions
To imbalances, the intrusions and encroachments
That human did to balance of nature and life
But my dear Allah
I have a humble quest
Not complain or remonstration
Or interference in your solitary supremacy
But a unresolved question
Why you hallowed human?
With freedom of intellect and wisdom!
Why you blessed human with;
Aimless freedom of intellect and wisdom
If it only was only wisdom and intellect
It was ok to conquer the concealed;
Treasures and pleasures of universe
But You blessed human
Uncontrollable acumen of intellect
Even free flowing acumen was reasonable
To reach the depths of known and known
But you blessed Human with such acumen
Where evil flow like water from the height
And for truth and virtue
One Have to climb rough and tough heights
Where evilness has profit and instant flow
And righteousness impediments on every step
Evilness is effortless, virtuousness is tough
It is not injustice to be a splendid and dignified
And choose splendid freedom of limitation
And evilness flowing with liberty of freedoms
These riotous and irrepressible freedoms
Extermination Resulted in violation of rules you laid.

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