Poems by Nirmala TRIVEDI

Poems by Nirmala TRIVEDI
The Internationally renowned poetess Nirmala Trivedi’s poetry has been characterised by the genuine glow of imagination. Her choice of words is consummate for it creates the effect the poetess earnestly yearns for.Her creativity springing from her mind shows its stupendous splendour.The following poem is an example to show how her illustrious imagination’s flight to resplendent glory. We feel at times that our wishes nurtured rapturously in our hearts race like galloping horses.Certain images cause us visual wonder. We should feel prominently proud that our Indian litterateur, Nirmala Trivedi will carve a niche for herself as a glowing Star in the firmament of literature.Let us wish her lustrous literary Odyssey orchestrated by milestone achievements.
by Manthena Damodara Chary
They say ”look straight
and think of the future”
They say ”plan your ways,
and shape up the future”
But surely my heart takes a U turn,
and goes into the past
It derives immense pleasure
in penetrating the past
Both,my soul and my heart,
swing back to my childhood
Oh ! How wonderful were those days
I carried on with my merry ways
I equated myself,
with the flowing winds
without any chains,
and without any strings
Entire sky was just mine,
and the entire world had fallen in line
My hands were full of happiness
My heart was filled with eagerness
Those flying birds were with me
on all my pleasure trips
I felt as if the whole universe
is there in my grips
No destination was beyond me
I myself became a free bird
jumping, flying, singing unheard
Oh ! I love dreaming the old times
never to wake up
I love being a child
never to grow up
Tell me if wishes were horses,
who would not have loved to ride up
{ Nirmala Trivedi }
O’ Divine
My dreams are all yours, not mine
My songs are all yours, not mine
And as you know, I am all yours, O’ divine !
In times of victory, in times of defeat
I am able to stand erect on my feat
I know this strength is all yours,not mine
And as you know, I am all yours O’Divine !
Praying gives me peace and brings solace
I am contented and happy by your grace
My laughter and smile are all yours, not mine
And as you know, I am all yours, O’ Divine !
Deriving pleasure out of nothing was not my cup of tea
I used to get unnerved at the slightest plea
Now this courage is all yours, not mine
And as you know, I am all yours,O’ Divine
O’ My Lord,I know, you will never play hide and seek with me
You dwell in my heart to wake-up, and sleep with me
My entire life is all yours, not mine
And, as you know, I am all yours,O’ Divine
{ Nirmala Trivedi }
Feelings of Love
Allow me to close my eyes
Let my dreams flow there
Allow me to reach some height
Let the moon glow there
You have given me wings of love
Something very rare to find
I have become chirpy like a bird
Your unconditional love is one of it’s kind
I want to celebrate the feelings of love
I want to hold on to it undisturbed
Your company is so soothing and so charming
Your presence is so reassuring
I want to gather all those twinkling stars
Just to make all your nights dazzling
Let there be no room for any sorrow
Let your nights be moonlit & days sparkling
Come,hold my hands and walk in to the dreamland
These moments are precious, let them not slip like sand
My rosy cheeks have volumes to speak
Paint a rainbow in my heart & let the celebration be grand
{ Nirmala Trivedi }

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