Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul
About the Author
Presently staying in Kolkata,Westbengal India,Sunita is a published author.Her debut book “Inked with Love”is published by Wildfire Publishing House ,Colorado,USA.
Presently ,Sunita is working as Publication Executive in Vishwabharati Research Centre,Latur,Maharashtra.
Stars of lightning,a collaboration of poems with Deborah Brookes Langford,a celebrated American author and the Women Trilogy,(WOMEN OF PASSION,REFLECTION AND SUBSTANCE )are her other published works.
Also been part of other anthologies like US Sisters,Frozen Emotions.. Her poems are also published in the webzine ,INERNATIONAL OUR POETRY ARCHIVE .
Sunita has also got three book event launch under her name in Facebook by the US publishers,Deborah Brookes Langford and Susan Joyner Stumpf under the Wildfire publication company. Sunita has done interviews on radio blog and other sites with Fiona Mcvie,Deborah Brookes Langford and Susan Stumpf to name a few.Adding to this Sunita’s work has been published in many blogs,webmagzines like difftruths,allpoetry,Langlit.
Sunita has two facebook pages Sunita writes and Nitasu inks-Sunita Paul to her name.
Her books are paperbacks marketed by amazon and lulu.
To contact Sunita on her FB pages you can click the links below,
Her books:
Surprising Strokes: Sometimes … Somewhere … is the bunch of short stories,some amorous tales of human relationships,some real life experiences.Each story has its unique flavour which makes it a delicious read.It is about life which the author lives every moment. It is a spectrum of a woman, where readers get various shades and colours of life.
Careless Whispers: A Bouquet of Verses is an echo of soul of the poet, whose words are poured from her heart. It is a manifestation of different flavours of life. Hopefully readers will meet careless whispers of her heart and soul. It is the best example of peace and solace of human heart with various shades.
What poetry means to me
The best way to express my feelings,
To unwrap my inhibitions,
Outburst of my emotions,
Also teaches me in worldly dealings.
Means to banish war and strife,
Give freedom to each life,
To break rules and set free,
To aim what you wannabe.
Can save someone depressed,
Convey your love so far compressed,
Words can give solace and peace of mind
Remind of the memories you left behind.
Is a form of life for me,
When I get hurted by thee,
Its a shelter where I always long to be,
And helps a new revelation of me.
Sleep inside my soul
Sleep inside my soul,
I’m tired of playing this double role.
The beast inside me sometime awakes,
A change in my character it makes.
It makes me do evil things,
To harm all living beings.
But then the angel in myself,
Comes forward to help.
It helps me regain the good traits,
Protect me to fall into baits.
Fights the beast away,
Keeps all devilish things at bay.
But then some people come up strong,
They take me always wrong.
Mistake my kindness as weakness,
Try to make my life a mess.
So when I pen down these lines,
I wanna say I’m fine.
As long as you don’t challenge me,
I won’t let my evil part for you to see.
Let the beast sleep inside my soul,
Till I reach my goal.
Of resting in peace,
Where my soul and body will be at ease.
Some women are lost in fire,
Some are built from it,
Some have an irresistible desire,
To enjoy life in every bit.
Let the fire burn in you,
And you can get smoothly through.
In every rough phases of life,
You can conquer all war and strife.
Women,you are the strongest of all,
Just keep your head held high and stand tall.
Never degrade your self esteem,
Your character is a virtue you can never redeem.
Ocean of Life
As the sun sets down on the horizon,I look out at the sky,
And suddenly my random thoughts began to fly.
I go deep down the memory lane.
Struggling to remain calm and sane,
I am like a sailor, lost at the sea,
Riding wave after wave the sea throws at me.
Trying to get a glimpse of the journey ahead,
Fighting hard to stay in this battle till I’m tired and dead.
Keeping a sharp lookout for land
Where i can again get the strength to stand.
I wandered through the currents,of pain and sorrows,
Yearning for a better tomorrow.
As i sail on, into the sunset,watching the ocean so vast,
Life,seems has a way of repeating itself and resurrecting the errors of past.
Lost in this sea of life,when you least expect the best,
Life throws a spanner in the best laid plans and you never know the rest.
So I fight to stay awake, i fight for another day!
I carry hopes with me where all is happy and gay.
The ocean of life ,be it calm and smooth,or stormy and rough,
I sail in through the time and tide,daring all things difficult and tough.

8 thoughts on “Sunita Paul

  1. Sunita Paul! … an emerging but incredible voice in contemporary Indian literary scenario. I adore her creativity. She is a blessed author, who writes in all genres. She is the brightest star …

  2. I agree!! Sunita Paul has emerged. For the last two years I have watched her claim her position not as one of the finer poets in her native India but also a scribe on the world stage. She has worked for it, honed her craft and has opened her heart wide for beautiful poems to come out. If you want to feel good read this book over and over. Michael Ellis (United States)

  3. Sunita Paul is a wonderful writer she juggles her words so well
    I wish her the very best in life
    She is a dreamer and she will make her dreams come true a genunely nice person

  4. Thanks for making us proud dearest Sunita!

    Speechless Tears
    The evening has lost
    Its way into
    The silent wonder
    Of monsoon tears!

    If only you bring along,
    The naked music of your
    Foaming laughter,

    And paint the evening clouds
    Of our departing youth,
    With a young cadence of
    Laughing colours

    Pregnant with,
    Speechless tears!


    © Copyright 2014,All rights reserved, Vishwas Vaidya

  5. Her words become inked in your Soul, unforgettable is the talent that is Sunita Paul, a growing dynamic whirlwind of new talent washing ahead in all fronts, her gale winds of Poetry and Prose, Stories and Journals, becoming a Hurricane of bursting New Talent on the Scene …… you will be swept away, just be prepared ……

  6. Poetry,
    The best way to express my feelings,
    To unwrap my inhibitions,
    Outburst of my emotions,
    Also teaches me in worldly dealings…………..

    These are wonderful expression. Perhaps all of us who write poem think alike
    . Poetry is the medium of sensitive mind, voice of that innocent child within..
    In search of love , expression of emotion and tears in words
    Enjoyed your work

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